Do you procrastinate? Does it seem like everything you try ends in failure? There’s a simple explanation for this. You can’t make a decision. And because you can’t make a decision you can’t succeed.

Develop the habit of making decisions quickly. You think it’s hard to make decisions. The reason you find it so hard to make decisions is because you place too much focus on information over the facts, and you don’t have a clear plan for what you want and how you’re going to get there.

Don’t change your decisions once they’re made. Once you make a decision only change your decision if the facts support that change. And even then change your mind slowly. The reason you change your mind so often and so easily is because you’re reacting to fear not facts.

Make your decisions yourself. Reach and follow your decisions yourself based on the facts you’ve gathered, and the objectives you’ve set for success. When you include others in your decision making process you’re only muddying the waters with misinformation, negativity, and jealousy.

Develop confidence in your decision making capabilities through practice. There are few, if any decisions, that can’t be undone. Start by making low risk decisions quickly and then sticking with them until you gain the confidence to make important decisions quickly.

When you need facts that you can only obtain through other people get them discreetly. Don’t reveal your underlying reason for wanting the factual information. Keep your thoughts and ideas to yourself until you reach a decision and act on that decision.

It’s far easier to make good decisions when you keep your eyes and ears open, and your mouth closed. There are opportunities around you every day, but you have to be looking and listening for them to find them. When you talk too much you can’t be focused on finding these opportunities.

Never share your plans with anyone. Show them instead. Sharing your plans before you’ve taken action on them sets yourself up for a series of negative results including: ridicule if you don’t follow through on your plans, the likelihood that someone else will steal your plan and be a direct competitor, and having your thoughts and ideas cluttered with a bunch of information that detracts from your focus.

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