Determination is a powerful part of any success strategy. You can’t buy determination. Your level of determination is aligned with your motivators. Your motivators are the things driving you to take action in spite of challenges and obstacles. You are born with your motivators and you will achieve success much faster if you choose a path for success that is aligned with your natural motivators. There are two ways you can know your motivators. Assessments provide the most accurate method for knowing your motivators. The other way is through introspection and that’s the focus we’ll take here.

Passion is very helpful in any success strategy. What are the things you are passionate about? In all likelihood those things are somehow related to your natural motivators. People are motivated to take action because the action fulfills one or more of their top motivators. Possible motivators include: the need for knowledge and to understand theory, the need to impact the bottom line or increase usefulness, the need for power and position, the need to make other people happy, the need for systems, or the need for form and balance. When your success strategy is somehow connected to your natural motivators your determination level soars.

You need to be committed to your success strategy. When you’re committed to your success strategy your determination will work with your commitment to help you to keep moving forward in the face of all the challenges and obstacles that will try to hold you back. Determination and commitment will help you to accept these challenges, and look for ways to overcome them or work around them with very little slack in your progress. You’re like a steam engine powering forward electing another track when the path ahead on the current track is blocked.

On your way to fulfilling your success strategy be prepared to fail fast. You must be willing to fail fast so you can learn what works and what doesn’t work. Even though it doesn’t seem like it or feel like it each failure is really a blessing in disguise because your failures will help you to improve your strategy for success faster, and enable you to develop a better strategy in the end than you may have originally had.

How determined are you to stay on track and implement your success strategy? If your answer reflects that you crumble in the face of adversity, or when things get hard I’m suggesting it’s because your success strategy isn’t built on the strong foundation of your natural motivators. If this is you be glad you know this now so you can identify your real motivators and adapt your success strategy to build on those motivators. When you have the determination and commitment that follows from building a success strategy on your natural motivators you can steam your way into the depot of success.

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