Do you want to create something new, or perhaps change part of your life? Consider that, whatsoever you desire can be yours if you ask for it believing that you already have it - even if it doesn't exist yet. In other words, if you think about a thing in such a way that you truly FEEL grateful and happy that you have received it, then it will be given to you, or you will be led to it - and inspired to achieve it.

When you place your "mental order," for something new or different, with a prayer, hope, dream, etc, there are two components you must consider: What you want; and, How you want to feel. If you truly feel good about what you have asked for, you will affirm it to yourself - if not to others - and you will act on the inspirations you receive. Faith without action is something different than faith. Here are three-simple steps for creating a new reality:

1. Ask - Ask for what you want by thinking about it in as much specific detail as you can - and in such a way that you feel grateful and happy. Your thoughts are your request; and the feelings caused by those thoughts are also a request.

2. Affirm - Declare the reality you desire. If you weigh 200-pounds, and wish to weigh 175-pounds, declare that you are, "a fit, healthy, happy 175-pounds;" and visualize this happy, new you. Think of ways other people have achieved your desires and make plans, or simply imagine, how you might get from one place to another. All you need is a possibility - and to affirm that possibility to yourself. All things are possible; affirm your dreams until you believe in them.

3. Act - When you believe in your dreams, you will act on them - or they might seem to "magically" manifest for you. In either case, if an obvious action step presents itself to you, you must take it. It is your dream, after all; it is the taking of those steps that constitutes the "living" of that dream. And, when you act, act boldly and with confidence.

If at first you don't succeed, Adjust and Achieve... Don't give up on your dreams just because they haven't come true - yet! If you first efforts fall short, or don't seem to be producing the results you truly want, then Adjust to the feedback you received until you Achieve the desired outcome, conditions, or situation.

Adjust - Adjust your plans and actions based on feedback, or results. Be flexible, dynamic, and willing to change your approach in order to fine-tune your ability to receive or achieve your goal or desire.

Achieve - Achieve anything you can imagine by being bold, creative, flexible, and open and willing to be surprised at how your dreams are delivered to you.

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Pete Koerner is the author of The Belief Formula: The Secret to Unlocking the Power of Prayer. The Belief Formula is a look at how you can use ancient wisdom and modern scientific awareness to learn how to use your mind to reclaim your health and create the life of your dreams.

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