You make it hard by telling yourself it's hard. You make it hard by avoiding action. The combination of your thoughts and your inaction is ruining any chance you have for success.

Successful people think and act differently than unsuccessful people. You can adopt the thinking and the commitment to action that they have and you can succeed too. But here is why you probably won’t.

The way you think is a habit and it takes a conscious effort and determination to break any habit. Just ask anyone trying to stop smoking, drinking or using drugs how hard it is to break a habit. Even though you may want to change your habits and you may really detest the habit it’s hard for you to change it.

The reason it’s so hard to change your habits in spite of the grief they’re causing you is that on some level your habits are satisfying to you. Certainly everything about the habit isn’t satisfying and rewarding to you, but there is something about that habit that you enjoy and you don’t want to give up. So you have to figure out what about your unsuccessful habits you enjoy.

If you want to increase your success you have to replace your unsuccessful thoughts with successful thoughts. In one form or another success usually involves obtaining greater money than you have now. Do you think that it’s hard to earn money? Do you think that there is something inherently evil about having money?

You may not have thought about how you think about money or why you think that way, but you need to do that now. You have attitudes about money that you’ve had ingrained in your thoughts by the adults around you growing up as a child. But those attitudes may be success defeating and if you really think about them you may also recognize they aren’t valid.

Success really is easy only you make it hard, so start thinking in terms of how easy success is and how you will get that success because it is so very easy. But thoughts alone will never be enough to produce success. You will have to take actions and your hesitance to take actions is another reason success isn’t easy for you.

Stop thinking things over stop waiting for anyone or anything else stop waiting for a sign and start taking action. You won’t know if this is the right action to take unless you clearly know what you want, but when you do taking action is an easy decision. When an action will take you closer to success do it now, not later but immediately without any hesitation. Your thoughts and actions take you to success.

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