Stress in one of the most unpleasant companions to have, yet you’ll find it hanging around with almost everyone. Like a parasite stress feeds on our anxieties, fears and insecurities and aggravates them. Chronic stress can in fact wreck havoc in our lives. Stress is known to be the root cause of many psychological and physical diseases. Depression, heart attacks, arthritis, stomach ulcers, panic attacks and migraines; stress is one of the main culprits behind them all. This parasite also has the capability to lower the body’s immunity, thereby making it more susceptible to diseases.

How to get rid of stress?

Recruit Stress busters
So how do you bid goodbye to this unwanted companion? Simple, you recruit stress busters! Any task or activity that helps you relax or take your mind of from your present problems can help you lower your stress levels. Exercise, dancing, reading, watching TV, nurturing a hobby, listening to music, playing a sport, taking a long relaxing bath or pampering yourself with a spa massage, are all good stress busters.

The problem however is that these are only temporary solutions. These can only help you get rid of built up stress but can’t prevent it from sneaking back into your body and mind. To be able to set up barriers against stress what you need is a technique that can increase your stress resistance.
Increase your mind and body’s stress resistance: Meditation, clinical hypnosis and subliminal messages
Meditation, Hypnosis and Subliminal messages are some such techniques which can help you strengthen your mind’s immunity against stress.

While meditation involves getting in touch with your subconscious, hypnosis and subliminal messages involve giving suggestions to your subconscious which can help bring about a change in your perception and attitude towards life.

In the former suggestion are given by a trained therapist after inducing a hypnotic state and in the latter suggestions are given through messages embedded in music, text or video.
Audio Cds are the most commonly used instruments for transmitting subliminal messages (for self help purposes).

In these Cds audio messages are either hidden behind music or are played in reverse. Often these messages are moved above the level of human hearing (above 20,000 Hz). Subliminal messages are believed to be extremely powerful but can only help you if you are willing to let them work for you.

An effective way to deal with stress is to recruit the right stress busters. A good idea would be to follow a combination of two techniques, one which helps you get rid of built up stress and the other which helps you improve your resistance to stress.

Regular practice of both shall soon be able to help you say good riddance to stress forever!

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