by Natalia Alexandria

Spiritually speaking, we are remarkable creations of unlimited potential. We are spiritual beings of great imagination and fortitude, and are all bonded as we embark on this incredible journey called life.

To my amazement, I didn’t think it could happen. There are spiritual snobs everywhere. If you have a spirit, you ARE spiritual. So, what exactly is going on? In addition to ancient wisdoms, including those deeply rooted in organized religion, modern day spirituality has embraced a global type of perspective that is getting distilled into those who are spiritual and those who aren’t. With the onset of the Age of Aquarius (according to the ancient Mayan calculation of calendar events pinpointed for the year 2013), our spiritual awakening is ever so near and is getting mixed up with those who arrogantly support a separatist view when it comes to spirituality.

Admittedly, there is a marked increase in our awareness that we are so much more than a body and mind, and as a result, we are exploring many new ways outside of religion to discover our spirituality, and its impact on our wellness. Since 1999, more than fifty medical schools across the country have integrated elective courses in spirituality. There must be something to this, and naturally, business moguls and the spiritual elite have banded together to profit from our vulnerabilities.

The commercialization of all things spiritual is running amuck. There are blatant examples of spiritual snobbery displayed by specially organized groups or people. For example, there are those who purport exclusivity when it comes to exchanges with higher beings or angels, or those who travel in and out of ethereal dimensions by virtue of being spiritually elevated, while the rest of us just can’t seem to “get there” and aren’t connected. The more insidious version rests with the creative application of language. Words that very much support a separatist view such as like-minded and those like us – even though they seemingly support selfless causes.

This preoccupation with spiritual hierarchy is the antithesis of spirituality. The concept of hierarchy is manmade—there’s nothing divine about it. Again, if you have a spirit, you ARE spiritual. It’s just an issue of whether or not you take care of that spirit, just like your decision to take care of your body and/or mind. If we are truly going to have conversation about being spiritual, it goes way beyond religious text, pilgrimages, and psychic connections.

Why don’t we just call it like it is? Being spiritual is the honor code by which we live. It’s not about lighting incense or receiving some symbolic ritualistic blessing by a guru – although accept that when you can. Positive words and actions from anyone are always a good thing. Spirituality and spiritual development is a very sacred and personal journey that requires some attention when you’re looking to utilize the best of what you are.

Spirituality is a shifting of perspective toward viewing the world beyond physical restrictions. That means diminishing the influences of ego (power and control) and emotional limitations like anger, intolerance, or selfishness, and starting to view the world with no limitations or boundaries. As soon as that urge creeps up to indicate a limitation, try maneuvering that feeling into one that is truly spiritual – one that supports an awareness of others and an all-inclusive mentality…provided, of course, that you are spiritually speaking.

Author's Bio: 

Natalia Alexandria is an expert in personal growth and a life coach. She is CEO of Tri-star Innovation, a company dedicated to sharing the extraordinary. Please visit www.tri-starinnovation.com