Hi there! My name is Biancia Tate and I am a Christian Life Coach who is the founder of The Hope Network. We are an online ministry whose mission is to provide educational support, hope and healing to survivors of trauma and/or crisis. Through our online ministries, we rebuild faith, restore confidence and renew hope in Jesus Christ after trauma and/or crisis.
Recently, I was getting ready for my quiet time with Jesus and, was putting together the music I would use to get me into the presence of the Lord. As I began playing the different songs I chose, I was beginning to realize that, the music had become therapy for my brokenheart and crushed spirit I was experiencing due to some major disappointments in my life. The music contained lyrics that spoke to my pain, grief, shame, fear, guilt, and discouragement and, before I knew it, I was beginning to feel God's comfort and healing. It worked so well for me, I wanted to share it with those suffering from the debilatating after-effects of PTSD. The songs I picked out included:

1).Safe in My Arms by Pam Thumb which helps one to know God is present in one's storms and holding one tight to keep them safe.

2).Held by Natalie Grant- this is written for those who have survived trauma and, her message is that, this is because God has held you in His arms and well as your spirit and has protected and preserved it.

3). Cry Out to Jesus-for those who are desperate for relief and nothing else has worked.

4). I Am which is about God's power and ability to handle any trauma or crisis which enters your life.

5). Warrior is a Child which is for all of those who have been through alot of battles and feel broken and need hope.

These are just a few I picked out but, the more I listened to them, the more comfort I experienced and peace I received. So, what kind of music therapy can you put together to heal your wounds? Give it a shot.

I did not stop here, though, for I also came up with Word Therapy from the Bible, Art Therapy from a book called Beyond Religion and Writing Therapy which encourages journaling. Want to take a look at what I have come up with, then visit my website at www.hopenetwork.centralva.net. Look at the Hope Zone! Then let me know what you think! I could use the encouragement. Thanks and God Bless.

Author's Bio: 

Biancia is a 47 year old female who resides in Bedford Virginia with her husband John Ray Tate. One word describes Biancia and that is overcomer whereas, she has overcome a challenging upbringing due to the violene she witnessed in her home, the bullies in school, and her husband's traumatic brain injury. Yet, she remains faithful to her God and her husband and, has taken her pain and grief and founded the Hope Network to help others, like herself, to overcome their past and embrace their future.
Biancia has an Associates Degree in Human Services, a Bachelors Degree in Social Work and a Masters Degree in Biblical Counseling. She is also a Certified Trauma Services Specialist and a Christian Life Coach. Her goal in life is to become a prophetic evangelist who will speak words of life to those who are experiencing PTSD due to trauma and or crisis that will bring them hope. Biancia would like to invite you to be a part of her online ministry which can be found at www.hopenetwork.centralva.net. She is looking forward to meeting and serving you with the gifts God has given her.