What we call Spiritual Healing is perhaps the oldest form of healing on Earth, but what exactly is it? A superb definition was given by Dr. George King, a Western Master of Yoga, in a pioneering work on Spiritual Healing called "You Too Can Heal". He stated that, "Spiritual Healing is a science in which the Universal Life Forces are conveyed from the healer to the patient."

The whole of creation is filled with Universal Life Forces, called in the East - Chi or Prana. These Universal Life Forces form a matrix upon which all of creation is built. Without them creation would cease to move whether that movement be a thought or physical object such as an atom or a sun. These pranas emanate from the cosmos, the major source being the Sun.

Prana is vital to life and an imbalance or lack of it is what is called disease. Around our physical bodies there exists what is called an aura. This is interrelated to the physical body directly through subtle channels which in the East are called nadis or meridians. Every part of our body has its subtle aspects and could not exist without these. Just as our physical body needs energy or food to survive, so does the aura or subtle body need energy. Unlike the physical body this energy does not have to be eaten but rather absorbed.

Energy or prana enters the aura through openings in it called chakras or psychic centres which are like little whirlpools. The health of these psychic centres within the aura has a great deal to play in our mental and physical health because what effects the aura affects directly its dense counterpart - the body.

Negative emotions and thoughts tend to contaminate our aura and inhibit the ebb and flow of prana through the higher psychic centres within it. One result of this is that the aura slowly becomes contaminated with more basic energies and unable to absorb the higher energies of intuition. These higher aspects of Prana bring balance and inspiration and without them disease can manifest.

A healer is a person who can at will draw upon the great sea of prana all around them and so energise their aura that they have an excess of this energy which can be then sent outwards to others. There are many ways to attract prana into yourself such as prayer, mantra, visualisation, healthy living, but the ancients found that deep breathing was perhaps the most potent. Because of this they devised systems of breathing exercises to energise the aura with this energy of life.

Dr. King, after deep psychic investigation and meditation, brought together a simple and powerful healing technique which revolutionised the Spiritual healing movement when it was first published in 1976. This technique, later called "The King Technique", was designed to firstly bring a balance to the psychic centres within the aura of the patient and also to help treat the condition they suffered from.

Unlike many schools of thought that believe a persons illness is a result of their karma and therefore should not be tampered with, Dr. King stated that it was the duty of all people to help others bear their karmic burden through giving service, which he regarded as the greatest of all the yogas.

He maintained that anyone can become an effective healer provided they have:

1. A deep feeling for those who suffer

2. Faith in their own ability

Combine these with a safe technique and miracles can and indeed do happen.

Learn. Apply. And you will discover that you too can heal.

Author's Bio: 

Frank McManus has been the Organiser of the New Zealand Branch of The Aetherius Society since 1996, and a member since 1980. The King Technique is published in "The Magic of Healing" by Richard Lawrence and "You Too Can Heal" by Dr. George King. Visit us online for further information about Spiritual Healing including books, CDs, and workshops.