I have been thinking a lot about intuition lately.

Sometimes it really seems difficult to stay connected. With that in mind, I will endeavor to teach what I need to learn. These five tips should spark your intuition and keep it flowing:

It’s always good to keep a small notebook handy. When you sense that you are experiencing an intuitive hit, just jot it down. Don’t give a lot of thought to it. Sometimes our intuition works in mysterious ways. Go back periodically and read your notes. Many times, you will find great ideas that you would have otherwise forgotten. Don’t judge!

To differentiate between a truly intuitive hit and just a “should” or “ought to”, take a minute to consider the potential hit. If it is valuable, you should have no problem coming up with at least three or more good reasons to pursue it further. Delve into your motives – explore your reasoning. If you deem it a true intuitive hit, then write it down in your handy notebook.

Test and develop your intuition by predicting who is calling on the telephone even as it is ringing (no cheating with caller ID!). It is a fun game to play and will actually increase your intuitive skills over time. It will help you to tune in!

When your day seems to be going poorly, grab your notebook and write down what advice you think that a close friend or relative would give you to help. Don’t think – just write. What would they say to you to help you get back on track? Write it down quickly and do not edit it. When you’re done, you will probably have some great advice to consider.

Even though I have been a little doubtful of my own intuition this past week, I continue to reach for my notebook and jot down my (possibly) intuitive thoughts. Your intuition is your own inner voice – your constant companion that helps to guide you through this life. Sometimes you follow it and sometimes you don’t. Your intuition is like a muscle; when you actively work it, it strengthens.

Embrace the power of your inner guide: Embrace and develop your intuition!

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