Boxer dogs are perhaps one of the more versatile and talented dog breeds. This breed is intelligent and low-maintenance. The Boxer breed has proven its worth as a war dog and police dog. Through time, the Boxer has been a good companion, a guard dog and even a working dog. Furthermore, they have been trained to be seeing-eye dogs for blind people, circus dogs, courier dogs during World War I and II, and police dogs. Boxers are generally active, agile, and strong. Reading information on Boxer dogs would further tell that this dog breed is a close to perfect choice for many dog owners since they don’t have too complicated temperament.

But they could be stubborn especially when they have not received proper training on obedience. That is why it is essential to train your Boxers to gain total control over them. They could be aggressive or too shy. So be not mistaken when your boxer seemed to be too independent, perhaps they are only being shy. When it comes to space, Boxers can also adapt in an apartment as long as they get sufficient exercise. Just be diligent enough to take them out for a walk everyday. Temperate climate is the most preferred climate for Boxers. If it too cold, they can get chilly.

If it is too hot, they can have trouble cooling off. A Boxer dog is a good choice especially if you have children at home. They easily get along with children. However, be aware that Boxers are known to be curious and fearless breed. So, avoid being overly confident with them. Though playful with children, they may possibly hurt children without their knowledge. If you plan to get a Boxer puppy, it will be very helpful to know about their health care maintenance by reading books on Boxers. You will get health information about this dog breed aside from other essential data you need about the Boxer breed.

You will discover that Boxers are susceptible to health problems such as bloat, hip dysplasia, digestive problems, hyperthyroidism, tumors and heart ailment. Before you buy a Boxer puppy, you may inquire if the parents have records of dysplasia and thyroid problems. Through this guide to Boxers, you will be spared from getting an unhealthy Boxer puppy. It can be expensive to look after a dog that is sickly. However, do not be discouraged because these health problems are not really high among Boxer dogs. One significant way that will help you pick out the right dog is by transacting only with legitimate breeders of Boxers.

You may require the breeder to present health certificates and other proof to prove that their pets are healthy. On the other hand, Boxers do not need delicate grooming as they are generally clean and can groom themselves like cats. Their coat need only to be brushed. They need bathing only when necessary. Breeding Boxer dogs can be a self-fulfilling journey especially when you are able to rear the dog with proper discipline and affection. Aside from being affectionate and trustworthy, they are simply an elegant and beautiful breed.

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