In college basketball, the term, "Cinderella Story," is often used for the underdog who comes out of nowhere to win the prize. It is a romantic idea about rising from the ashes and winning the prince or prize.

Ponder what it takes to win a championship or bring home a gold medal.

* How many early morning training sessions?

* Pulled muscles?

* Wins?

* Losses?

* How much money saved?

* How much money spent?

* How many heartbreaks?

* Days when you couldn't go on?

* Days when you knew you could do it?

It's amazing what goes into a WIN!

What does it take?

Some of it is obvious. Hard work, commitment, dedication, etc, but what isn't so obvious?


What do you really want for your life and business? What are you WILLING to sacrifice? Do? Be? Try?

* How WILLING are you to fail?

* How WILLING are you to try something new?

* How WILLING are you to leave others behind so you can grow?

* How WILLING are you to get up again?

* What are you WILLING to stop doing?

* What are you WILLING to start?

On my desk I have a little handmade sign that reads:


And there aren't. I look at this picture every day.

Magic and manifestation are the principles I operate from, but WILL is my highest value.

(c) 2009 Suzanne Evans

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