Creating good time management habits at the office can be a tough, especially when you must work around other people's projects and meeting plans. But just because somebody wants to schedule a face-to-face meeting doesn't mean that the meeting must be held. Once you talk with that person on the phone, you may discover that you can gather all of the necessary information without ever having to take time from your day for a meeting with him.

Another example of unnecessary time-wasting at the office is attending meetings where it wasn't necessary for you to be there. You would be surprised as to how many meetings are held with people who did not need to be there. How much time is wasted for those people? How much of their time management planning goes down the drain due to these meetings?

But how do you communicate your desire to bypass a meeting or to have a meeting canceled altogether, without offending the person who is trying to schedule it? Simply try to ask the person on the phone questions about as much information that the meeting is to be about. Then politely say “Well it looks like I have everything that I need, how about I get to work on this project right away and we can meet about the results tomorrow”? However you approach the situation, be conscious of who you are dealing with and what position at the office they hold.

Did you know that the average person wastes up to 70% of their free time by watching television? Are you one of those people? Chances are that if your goal is to make better use of your time for more important items in your life, then you may need to kick the television habit to the curb!

Below are 6 ways in which you can make better time management by controlling your TV habits:

1. Ignore the TV and choose to work on hobbies such as gardening, puzzles, reading, stamp collecting, etc.
2. Only permit yourself to watch two hours of programming on Saturday and Sunday for an entire month. You will be amazed at how much more focused you will be.
3. Instead of watching sports games on TV, why not attend them instead? Not only does this get you away from the television but it also can create more quality time between you and your friends and family.
4. Understand that you do not need to watch TV for your news and information. You have been programmed to do so since birth and with today's online news reports you do not need to get drawn back into watching television just to see what is happening out there.
5. Make it a point to go an entire week at a time without ever turning on your television. So this at least once per month, or more if possible.

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