The increasing likelihood of biological and chemical warfare being used against civilians worldwide indicates the time is now for us to offer our group's ancient alchemical formula for "Healing Waters" to all those who are already helping and healing others.

This 2,000 year old formula is a 8 page document and we consider that too large of a file to send to people who may not wish to receive this ancient healing method.

We will be happy to send you at no charge this wondrous gift to humanity. If you would like to receive the "Healing Waters" alchemical formula, please send an email to with a subject line of "Free Alchemical Formula".

In addition, we also have some free informative articles which you may find interesting. "Ascending Beyond Enlightenment" - An article describing, what is Enlightenment; the real story of prana; what charkas are and what they do; the actual quantified amount of spiritual energies needed to reach Enlightenment and "Ascend" in one lifetime; what is beyond Enlightenment and more.

"Karma, Why It Is, Why We Have It and How to Easily Remove It" - This article describes the many levels of karma; how to use a quick release technique to remove "outdated karma"; how to look out for ways some people reattach karma and further knowledge.

"Going Beyond Reiki with Dr. Usui's Approval" - An all encompassing article on healing which describes how the Reiki symbols heal a person; how Reiki lost its purity; how Dr Usui agrees that there is a new healing method which surpasses Reiki in ease and effectiveness which is now available for the healing of oneself and others. This esoteric knowledge is available to you for free. Just send an email with the names of any articles you wish to receive to

Author's Bio: 

Gary Smith if the founder of the Sacred Merkaba Techniques. Please see the website for further details.