Many budding singers and musicians fail to launch their music careers because of the inability to find a record company ready to promote them. If you are one such artist, do not despair. If you really want your own album to be recorded, try doing so yourself. It is not as tough as many would think it to be because of the great recording products available in the market. You can actually record music if you are ready to spend a little money and devote some time to this guide.

Even though you may not have tried home recording before, you can do so by following certain guidelines. One of the most stressed points of exceptional recording engineers is that your music should sound good on microphone. Before recording any music, make sure all your musical instruments are working at their best so that there may not be too much editing later on. Of course, it also means that your microphones must be of top quality and placed properly in front of the source

An important point to remember while starting your home recording studio is that you should get into the habit of saving all the recorded music. You definitely do not want to lose a great recording that you have worked hours on. You should not only save your work between takes, but also copy every recording on a back up tape. This is standard advice to most programmers in software companies and it holds true for your recording work as well.

Yet another mistake sound recorders make is to make the music very complicated by overdoing the engineering. A good music recorder is one who wants to preserve the actual beauty of the music and does not impose unnecessary external effects on it.

Once you have recorded the music, the real work begins. You will now have to duplicate your record, distribute it as much as possible and promote it extensively to make monetary profits. You can do this by getting a good CD duplication service. You can look up on the web and find the ones that offer the best deals to save money. After you have finished making multiple copies you will have to worry about distributing them.

Since you are not getting an album recorded in a known recording studio, you may have issues with distribution and promotion. To handle this problem, you may have to do some research to find out more about any store that keeps independent labels. Often you have to pay small fees to distribution companies before your CDs make it to the music stores. You can get a lot of information about this from the Musician’s Atlas which is published yearly. You could also sell the music on line.

A much simpler aspect of album production is promotion. That is because Internet has changed the whole promotion scene by letting you post your own music on different websites. This is virtually free publicity as with good music on sites, people will be tempted to download it and that will mean more promotion for your music.

Even if you intend to just create a simple musical record and not go for advanced techniques like audio mastering, there are certain rules that you always need to pay attention to. Follow these golden rules and you will be on your way to creating your own music album. Who needs a record company any more now?

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Music recording can be done easily at home with the latest equipments. You can even consider becoming a disc jockey like the author. If youa re still in the learning stages, you can check out these music production schools.