One of the callers on last week’s law of attraction call asked for clarification on a comment that I made during the talk. I made the comment that some people don’t realize the result they desire because they are more concern with changing effects rather than causes.

This required a clearer explanation and I can provide that with this analogy. For instance most often, when someone is financially strapped and bills begin to roll in, their first reaction is to "cut back" on spending. They attempt to conserve what little they have.

However, in doing so, they focus all their energy on the effect of the problem, the lack, and not the real cause. Now initially this is not a bad practice, until they have had time to reassess their budget. However, too many people make this practice just a way of life.

A closer analysis with uncover some facts that should be known. The practice of “cutting back” is one that focuses on lack. That is, what they do not possess, what they are lacking in life. All of their focus and energy is keeping that state of lack at the forefront and energized.

Secondly, “cutting back” will not increase income. Only making more money will increase income. The natural question by these individuals is how? How can I make more money when my income is fixed by how much I make an hour, a week, or a month?

Here is where most can’t understand how the law of attraction can help. They believe their choices are limited because they are not aware of anymore than what they already experience.

But here is where they need to incorporate the law of attraction the most. Here is where you put it to the test. And here is where is will yield the greatest assistance as the valuable resource it truly is. Here is what they should do.

By using the law of attraction, they would begin to create the thought image of life with increased financial resources. They would use their imagination to create the thought image of how life would be without the financial limitation.

They would imagine what they could do. Who would they associate with? How would they dress? Where would they be able to go, etc.?
By making that thought image clearer and clearer and doing so on a consistent basis, they begin to evoke the law.

Now those thoughts begin to find harmony with similar thoughts and soon the individual finds themselves attracted to certain opportunities and opportunities for additional financial gain attracted to them.

Now they are focused on changing the causes of their problem and not wasting time and energy focusing on the effects.

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Mark S. Kearns, MA, N.H.D. is an Executive Consultant and a licensed and certified Life Success Consultant.

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