Short-term health insurance policies are for people who are in-between jobs, in school, just about to retire, or students just graduated and waiting to find work.

Short-term health insurance policies are low-cost and cost as little as the monthly pay out for a car. Some short-term health plans may even provide coverage of USD 1 million.

Here are a few basics of short-term health insurance:

• Short-term health policies are for health of people with no pre-existing conditions that need to be cover.

• The short-term health policies help in case of unexpected accidents or illness during the period covered.

• The policies are generally for a period of 12 months or less. Although there are a few short-term health policies available that offer 36 months.

• The policies are flexible and payments can be made one a month. This permits flexibility in almost non-existent budgets.

• The plans are specific and will not cover any health problem that existed 36 months prior to the coverage.

• Most short-term policies have a list of limitations and exclusions that need to be considered.

• Short-term health insurance helps when a person is in-between jobs or studying, just discharged from military service, temporarily out of work, on strike and so on.

• Short-term insurance works along the lines of indemnity plans.

• The insurance needs pre-certification before any treatment is undergone except in case of emergencies. No certification could result in no reimbursement from the health plan. It is important to follow the rules.

• Short-term insurance covers surgery, hospitalization, drugs, and perhaps even follow up visits. However the policies do not cover preventive health care, health check ups, PAP tests, or immunizations. Basically only an injury or illness is covered by a short-term insurance plan.

• Most short-term health policies can be renewed up to 36 months. However if there is a claim within the period the rules may change. Check with the insurance agent or company.

Costs of short-term insurance vary according to policy bought, insurer, and market trends. A short-term policy may cost USD 300 plus per month for a family of four with a deductible of around USD 1000. The cost of short-term health coverage for a single person may be around USD80. Most companies cover anyone under 65 and such policies are only sold to people who have no other coverage.

Short-term health policies can be bought from leading health insurance companies online and offline. It is important to get quotes from different providers before buying a policy and also to compare the features of the policy being purchased.

Short-term health insurance protects individuals and their families when in transition for any reason.

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