Difficult people are on the hunt for a quarrel. It's not personal, usually. It's just that you happen to be the most convenient target.

   Difficult people are insecure. They want YOU to think and live like THEY think and live. Misery indeed loves company. They feel better if you are stressed and pressured.

   What can you do to instantly neutralize their negativity? You cannot stop them from being difficult and demanding. Heaven help you if you try! But you can control your own reactions through the amazing power of NowFacts, and have much less stress in your life as a pleasant result. What are NowFacts?

  They are simple, healthy and truthful principles that you voice to yourself silently, in the present moment! Speech is powerful! It is your connecting point back to your calm and intelligent center. Speech instantly reminds you of the wisdom and power you already possess.

   Here are 7 NowFacts you can use when difficult people are on the prowl. These are secret silent statements you say to yourself:

1. I am not an actor who must obey your script.

   The difficult person has a script. In the script he writes that you will get angry, that you will fight with him, that you will condemn him, that you will get stressful and frustrated. Difficult people want opposition. That is their primary aim! When you employ this NowFacts you inform yourself that you have the power of choice. You are never compelled to go along with their script. A silent refusal to take the bait sends a very powerful signal to the difficult person. They get it!

2. I just cannot afford you any more.

   This NowFacts reminds you that some relationships carry much too high a price. You have to let go. There is no feeling of superiority or hostility. You simply cannot afford the relationship any more. It costs too much. You have to move on because you know it is best for YOU and for the other person.

3. I see your rage as childish, not forceful.

   Here is how you can heal your perceptions. This NowFacts reminds you anger is weakness, not strength. Work with this NowFacts and watch it release its treasures of wisdom and self-command. You'll never again cringe before an angry person.

4. You don't know it, but I remain at a safe inner distance from you.

   Personal growth widens the gap between both your own inner negativities and those of others. You see anger from a higher place. Instead of being immersed in it, you're above it now. You need never descend to a lower level to accommodate an immature adult. With NowFacts , your life is in your power!

5. I will not injure you by doing your work.

  Difficult people are very sly in getting others to carry their load. They ARE difficult precisely because they have refused self-responsibility. We harm someone when we do things for them that they must do for themselves. This NowFacts is compassion in action. Truth is never clouded by sentimentality, which is nothing more than cruelty in disguise.

6. I sense a lot of violence in your gloom.

   This NowFact is in the same category as number 3 above, "I see your rage as childish, not forceful." It is called "reframing." Reframing teaches us to see things through an entirely different lens. It is an amazingly effective method for self-renewal.

   Difficult people are often gloomy. How often have we tried to cheer one of them up and been bitten? It can be compassionate to say an encouraging word at times. But we have to be wise! Hardened and dedicated difficult people want your cheerful words, not to pick themselves up, but to pull you down with them! Sense the violence behind their mask of gloom and you empower yourself.

   Author Vernon Howard said once, "Gloom is an immoral stage performance."

7. If you want a destructive fight you will have to fight all alone.

   A destructive fight is what the difficult person is after. It's what THEY want, not what YOU want. With this NowFact you can stay in your own clear skies.

   If you refuse to battle the difficult person on their own turf, what can they do about it? The only way they can control you is if you catch the negative ropes they toss. Anger, guilt, frustration -- all these negative ropes fall to the ground, unclaimed by you, once you learn to leave the problem with the person who has it.


   Remember, these NowFacts are voiced silently within yourself. They help you ignite self-understanding you already possess but have temporarily forgotten. Difficult people seem to have power only when your True Power is temporarily dormant. Wake it up!

   Nothing is more beneficial than standing up for what you know to be true. Don't let the world and its drowsy people tell you what is true for you. Tell yourself! Passivity in the face of falseness is the underlying cause of the world's problems. With NowFacts you reclaim your life with its inherent happiness, intelligence and humor. Nothing is more fun!

Author's Bio: 

Tom Russell is the director of the SuperWisdom Foundation and host of the weekly Time Out for Truth Podcast. He is the author of SuperWisdom--Seven Vital Secrets for a Rich and Purpose-Filled Life. Enjoy fabulous free resources for your inner development at www.SuperWisdom.com