UK leading resources for redundancy advise report a four year analysis report that September is the month most often chosen by employers to implement redundancy programmes. The accumulated data show that employees are relatively secure during the August summer holiday period, and in December, on the run up to Christmas Holiday. After the holiday however, the threat of redundancy is at its highest. Enquiries to the Redundancy Insurance increase by as much as 40% during September and by similar amounts in January of the year.

Redundancy Expert Ken Westwood commenting on the topic said, "Redundancy is often a cruel and unexpected blow and it seems clear that employers don't wish to announce the news during the traditional holiday periods. Though some employees will have been grateful for the break before the news hit, others will wonder, why they couldn't have been told before the expense of holidays and Christmas was incurred."

Anyone who has ever been in situation of redundancy, or worked with the fear of redundancy, knows how difficult, demoralising and confusing it can feel. Both friends and family can provide support but sometimes what you really need is simple, straightforward advice about where you stand, both legally and financially. Redundancy Insurance ( is a one stop website that can put your mind at rest and answer such questions as

"Do I need to make a claim for a payment?

"How will I receive my redundancy payment?"

"Is statutory redundancy pay taxable?

"When will my redundancy payment become due?"

"What does a week’s pay mean?

Ken Westwood set up Redundancy Insurance in 2002 when a number of his friends were on the unemployment list. Unsure of their rights, and nervous and concerned for their futures and their families, they turned to Ken. With his straightforward approach, he gathered the relevant information and created Redundancy Insurance.

Two years later, with his friends safely and happily in their new jobs, Ken was about to close the website when a chance look at the visitor statistics showed that there was a steady stream of visitors coming to Redundancy Insurance UK. for help and information. Instantly, Ken knew that site could make a substantial difference to people’s lives and state of mind at a very vulnerable time.

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Redundancy Insurance also offers a free redundancy information link. This service can help you come to terms with redundancy and help you move on, whether it is to a new job, your own business or a year backpacking around South East Asia.