Be resolute about your goal to sell your house and find your new home regardless of the housing market.

1. Start packing, order some boxes and pack up the things you won’t need for the next 6 months. Seasonal cloths, books, memorabilia, extra dishes and kitchenware as well as any items that overly personalize your home such as family photos, awards and trophies.
Feng Shui Tip #1: Clear the Clutter=Make room for the new owner

2. Successfully staging your home for sale requires some detachment. Pack as many of your personal items that you can. The aim is to create space and to showcase each room with an anchoring focal point to hold the attention of a prospective buyer.
Feng Shui Tip #2: Hold the buyers attention/energy=Sale

3. The Front Door must stand out and be distinctive. The path to the front door must be clear and unobstructed. Trim overgrown foliage. Use a pair of brightly colored pots or vessels to flank the front entrance and an oversized rug or mat to create a distinct footprint.
Feng Shui Tip #3: Energize the front entrance= Capture the buyer’s attention.

4. Insider Tip-make sure there are no mirrors or stairs facing exterior doors or large windows. This pushes energy out of the house. Doors and windows in direct alignment with one another will have the same effect. Remove mirrors in these locations and use decorative floor screens, pedestals and potted trees to help contain escaping energy.
Feng Shui Tip #4: Don’t leak energy-contain it=Sale

5. Is everyone excited about moving? Everyone needs to be on the same page-one family member’s insecurity about moving can be a hindrance. Communication and reassurance will help remove these emotional obstacles. Talk about the new house, draw a floor plan and make a list of all the new and exciting features to look forward to.
Feng Shui Tip #5: Create harmony and uncover hidden obstacles=Releasing the house

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MaryAnn Russell is an expert in the field of environmental energy. For over a decade the focus of her research and practice has been on the feng shui factors that truly influence the quality of people’s lives. “The focus of my practice is to make feng shui relevant, practical and useful so that people can gain the greatest possible benefit from their living spaces.” MaryAnn is the author of The Feng Shui Factor Modern Homes Ancient Blueprint. ISBN: 978-1-4218-9965-7