There is a proliferation of self improvement products and services in the marketplace these days. Courses, workshops, books, e-books, classes, teleclasses, videos, audio tapes, CD’s, DVD’s etc. And there appears to be more coming all of the time.

Some people go from one book to another, one workshop to another, one guru to another, in an never ending attempt to be fixed, hoping to some day get it right, to ultimately uncover the secret to all things from happiness, enlightenment, success and everything in between.

So many of us are left disillusioned, discouraged and defeated, feeling worse than when we started, frustrated and even saddened that none of this stuff seems to really work for us in a big enough way that makes us feel victorious or even good about ourselves.

But what if we never needed to be fixed in the first place. What if we are simply perfect just the way we are and we need only to recognize that truth and allow that perfection room to shine its own light. After all, how can one ever improve upon perfection? It simply cannot be done and it is senseless to even try.

Reminds me of digging for diamonds. When they are first uncovered they probably don’t look much like the beautiful treasures that they are. But once cleaned and polished, there is no doubting their intrinsic value and immense worth.

We see the same thing in nature, the absolute perfection and connection of it all. Trees don't strive to be better, they stand tall and free, feeling deeply grounded to the earth, knowing that they will always be taken care of and offering their gifts to a myriad of delightful little creatures that they encounter every day. Flowers don’t struggle to be beautiful, they just are. They don’t agonize over their tiny imperfections, they celebrate them. Plants don’t have self esteem issues, they are too busy living and growing and moving forward to have any time to do that. Birds don’t worry about self improvement and bees don’t let what other people think about them or what is possible get in their own way. If they did, they would never be able to fly.

Perhaps it is time to just let go of all this self improvement, all this fixing, and just BE, the beautiful, wonderful, amazingly delicious creatures that we already are. Perhaps in the letting go, the knowing comes, and in the knowing, the miracles spring forth. Perhaps?

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From Veronica Hay - Inspirational Writer/Author - Insights and Inspirations Hub