Creative Spark Within:
I have often heard adults wistfully express that they are not creative, although they wish they were. My belief and response to their lament is that every one of us has a creative spark within, which can be ignited and fueled. How can we encourage children to believe in their own creative talents and abilities and to sustain that belief throughout their adult lives?

Be Self-Actualizing:
One way to do that is to teach your child to be self-actualizing. Such a person relies on her own judgments and is not easily swayed by others, no matter how loud other's voices may be. A self-actualized person is motivated from within and can call upon her own resources and strength in any situation. As a child grows, peer pressure mounts. A young person may find himself reluctantly following others. Your child, rooted firmly in his own beliefs, can choose another way.

Nurture Creativity:
Creativity is not only measured by the crafting of a beautiful painting or poem. It appears in so many forms in our everyday lives. The activity, play and tasks which your child engages in, are brimming with creative opportunities. These opportunities offer parents a chance to applaud their child's efforts. The choices your child makes about what clothing he wants to wear, the imaginary games he invents with friends, his ideas and explorations are all creative acts which can be nurtured and praised.

Don't Compare:
It’s so important not to compare your child to another. Each person is special and unique in his or her own way. A child wants to feel that specialness and receive recognition for what she does and who she’s becoming. A child's creativity blossoms when judgment is removed. Rather than competing with another, your child may fare best when compared only to him. In this way, he can truly gauge how well he’s doing and know the growth and progress he has made.

Self Image:
A child's self-image is precious and can be fragile. Spoken and unspoken messages from family members, teachers, friends and society can have a powerful effect upon how worthy a child feels. Each child wants to be respected for whom she is, and know that her thoughts and feelings are both listened to and appreciated.

Let go of Criticism:
Frequent criticism can undermine a child's sense of personal value. As parents, one of our most important jobs is to help children discover who they are becoming and to support them in their personal quest for identity. With our encouragement, each child can find confidence and competence in that personal discovery.

Applaud You:
And while we’re at it, the same advice applies to you. Do you applaud your efforts and small victories or do you always find criticism in what you do? Your self-worth is intertwined with your belief about you. Make an effort to see the good in you and find reason to acknowledge your triumphs, rather than focusing on your mistakes.

Remember that you are a humanoid after all, and are in a continuous dance of self-evolution. Don’t compare you to anyone else. You are different and unique right down to your fingerprints. See yourself as a beautiful, creative masterpiece in progress and believe in your ability for growth and self-transformation.

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Known as the "Success Doc" to audiences around the globe, author, business and life coach, Jo Anne White, PhD. has been featured in print and widely sought after by radio and television networks, such as NBC and CN8, for her advice on raising children, relationships, career growth, self empowerment, motivation and more... Her "Journey Into Relaxation" CD was chosen by Woman's World as "one of the five CD's that can change your life."