New Millennium Scientists and Doctors discover an all-natural way to help guard against harmful bacteria, yeast and viruses - and restore vigor and vitality far into the future, regardless of age.

Welcome to the Probiotic Revolution. What is it?

It's what you and I were never taught in school about the startling link between your body's intestinal flora and your ability to prevent serious illness, to add vital years to your life, and to enjoy a dramatically higher quality of life right now.

Plain and simple, good food digestion and assimilation is at the "heart" of health, but most mainstream doctors are still in the dark about this one scientific conclusion. 

What if I were to tell you there's a 100% safe breakthrough way to turn the corner on any number of lifelong health problems NOW using your own body's "friendly" fighters . . . please continue.

What exactly are bacteria? Bacteria are the simplest, smallest, and most abundant organisms on the planet. One of their most important roles is decomposition. Without bacteria, organic carbon, found in dead and rotting organisms, would deplete the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Without carbon dioxide, photosynthesis could not occur and no food could grow. Bacteria are also important for everyday functions of the body including digestion. So, as you can see, bacteria are vital to human survival.

In 1928, Alexander Fleming discovered the "miracle anti-biotic" penicillin. During the second world war, this antibiotic was made widely available to eliminate the most unmerciful of war-time killers: infected wounds. Ever since Fleming's discovery, antibiotic use has flourished at an incredible rate. Four years after mass production of penicillin began, a frightening and unexpected phenomenon started to occur. Some of the deadly bacteria that the antibiotic was supposed to destroy began developing resistance. 

Because bacteria are extremely resilient and survive under the most adverse conditions, Dr. Gregor Reid of the Lawson Research Institute in Ontario writes in the July 3, 1996 issue of "The Journal of the American Medical Association", "At a time of alarming concern over antibiotic resistance and the expectation that our defenses will not be able to cope with the lethal pathogens that are on our doorstep, surely it is time to truly embrace alternatives such as probiotics." 

When in doubt, look at how Creation re-establishes colonies which have been wiped out by antibiotic treatments. In the case of antibiotics, researchers had to learn the hard way that chemical-based, medicinal treatments are only a short-term, quick fix to the real problem. Harmful bacteria proliferate in an unhealthy body. Good bacteria are needed to seek out and destroy these pathogenic microbes before they can cause significant damage. That brings us to the use of probiotic supplements. 

Who needs to use a probiotic supplement? Generally, those who eat a great deal of red meat should supplement their meals with probiotics. Red meat tends to favor the growth of pathogenic bacteria. Also, much of the meat in this country is treated with hormones and antibiotics. 

Those who eat few complex carbohydrates, are seriously ill, or experience physiological stress should also supplement their diets with good bacteria. 

Finally, those who are on medications including antibiotics, cortisone, birth control pills, or chemotherapy should use probiotics on a regular basis. In today's toxic environment, use of probiotics is a smart measure to ensure a properly functioning body. Finding a safe, effective probiotic supplement is vital to restoring and maintaining good health. 

When trying to find the proper supplement, keep in mind the requirements of frequency nutrition. In the case of probiotics, most manufacturers freeze-dry the bacteria into a capsule form, which destroys a majority of the active colonies. 

It's best to locate a probiotic formula that utilizes a proprietary technology called O2 factor that keeps the active cultures alive and prevents their mutation.

This high-grade, stabilized bacteria survives the hydrochloric acids in the stomach and presents exclusive, patented, living cultures which flourish in the small intestine, offering numerous health benefits.

Probiotics - friendly flora - act as a protection from E-coli and other viruses, too. Taking them daily is a necessary tool in your health maintenance program. The electrical information it provides can ward off a variety of crises down the road. 

Author's Bio: 

Editor of the semi-monthly ezine named, "Your Electrical Body", Rita has studied with master herbalists and naturopaths alike. Endeavoring to follow the precepts of Dr. John Christopher and the principles of electrical science, she has aided numerous folks to enhance their health.