These are three excerpts taken from labratory data on the chemical composition and pharmacological activity of chaga (Inonotus obliquus).

Excerpt 1
Although chaga does not possess specific antitumor and cytotoxic activity, long-term administration of extracts improves the general state even of uncurable stage III – IV cancer patients (except for cases of extremely pronounced cachexia) irrespective of the tumor location and favor normalization of the physiological functions of the organism violated by the pathological process. The pharmacological action of chaga is apparently mediated by the central and peripheral nervous system and is probably relatprotective systems and resources of the organism.
Excerpt 2
The medicinal fungus, I. obliquus, of the Hymenochaetaceae family has been used as a traditional medicine for the treatment of cancer. Although the antioxidant activity of I. obliquus is well characterized, the compounds responsible for this antioxidant activity have yet to be determined. In this study, we focused on the secondary metabolites with free radical scavenging activities in the fruiting body of I. obliquus, and found six major polyphenol antioxidants, inonoblins A–C and phelligridins D, E, and G. These compounds might be responsible for the antioxidant activity of the medicinal mushroom, I. obliquus.
Excerpt 3
Experimental animal data on systemic applications of beta-1,3-D-glucan anti-tumor effects is abundant. Significant reduction in tumor growth and prolonged survival was observed in mice with transplanted melanoma. In mice with adenocarcinoma, there was an 85% reduction of tumor mass accompanied by prolonged survival. An anaplastic mammary carcinoma study showed results of 70% tumor regression and 80% survival versus 100% in the group with no glucan treatment. Chronic administration of glucan to aging mice with lymphocytic leukemia significantly improved their survival.

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