Many detoxification procedures have received criticism for acting so uniform in design that the ability to assimilate effectively into a drug treatment program can become subdued thus impeding the recovery process. Due to this issue, CARE Florida, a holistic Florida-based drug rehab clinic, focused instead on tailoring a clinical diagnostic assessment. Through this assessment a personalized plan for recovery is created by the professional CARE Florida rehab team after the client meets with a physician, who will collect a medical history and give a physical examination. The CARE Florida method is ultimately different because it addresses not only physical needs, but psychological as well.

CARE Florida does not limit itself to handling drug detox. They also provide an alcohol detoxification program which continues their novel approach to rehabilitation and recovery. CARE carries the motto: "Cold-detox is not our method." Professionals will provide "round-the-clock medication…in reducing doses [which will make detox…as gentle as possible." Surprising to many, the staff working with CARE's patients are themselves recovering--a method discovered to help assimilate better on their long road to recovery.

When we think of a cold-turkey method of detoxification, we tend to consider images of sterile white walls, locked doors, a cold room, and a thin sheet. At CARE FLorida, those walls are replaced with designated smoking areas, locked doors are replaced with laptop computers, cell phones, DVDs and CDs on entertainment systems, WiFi Internet, and satellite cable. And, if that wasn't enough, the cold room and thin sheet is replaced with a high powered Jacuzzi, salon services, massage therapy, and acupuncture.

Detoxification should be treated as a gentle procedure when dealing with alcohol addiction and drug addiction. CARE Florida has done that so much, that it shows in their name. Though corny to say, "CARE Florida cares,"--the quote rings true -- CARE Florida's approach by using care over uniformity works and their methods are getting better everyday.

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