In the past, the medical community and most people were under the impression that Bipolar Disorder would be a life long ailment. Often Bipolar Disorder is destructive to relationships, careers, can wreak havoc on family life, and is a potentially fatal disease. According to Edgar Cayce, the Father of Holistic Health, "There are in truth no incurable conditions"

When the realization becomes more common information, that any disease or condition in our lives is a signal. It indicates that our lives are not in harmony and balance with the universe. This simple answer will resolve all conditions. Illnesses with its symptoms are "wake up calls" to look for the lack of separation from your Creator. The ego tries to protect the body from the fearful experiences threatening you. It does a great job of lying to you that to stay protected as you grow up is necessary. This is being emotionally unavailable.

In addition, it keeps us out of connection with the spirit of love that is not accessible when drugs, medications, and other toxic substances are in the body. With the desire to search for that inner divinity, life changes begin. Each person receives the illness or circumstances necessary for their return to oneness and wholeness in life. It is the healing of this problem with a loving bigger picture of the lessons that need resolution for learning that creates the balance and groundedness.

Louise Hay's book, "Heal Your Body" gives many versions of fear that create the various symptoms of what we call illness or disease that are normally medicated. The solutions are always claiming your loving and joyful inheritance in the universe, worded appropriate to the original cause. The same premise I find works for Bipolar Disorder.

Edgar Cayce said, "Mind is the builder" The manic and depressive times are just a signal that you are maladjusted to life as well as running from reality while your thinking is irrational. When you change your thinking and quit acting out in this extreme cycle you move into reality. When you start to change your thinking and behavior to healthiness, then you realize that you are responsible for your life.

Tools found in the 12 Step programs restore sanity. Using these 12-step principles for living replaces your old life style. At this point, you may consider that it is time to reduce taking the pills gradually. Then, you can substitute a conscious connection to a loving Higher Power as you define Him. This keeps you grounded and centered instead of trusting prescription drugs that perpetuate your insanity.

While moving into reality instead of running away from it, you may find it necessary to release past trauma and fear, including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The PTSD is a sandy foundation for Bipolar Disorder recovery to continue its course. Staying vigilant and rebuilding a new foundation upon which to build a new life is essential. Using Therapeutic Hypnosis is a viable tool for these changes at a soul/subconscious level. Until you do this, the new growth falls apart over and over like a child's building blocks on an uneven surface.

New scientific evidence proves that hypnosis, mediation, and affirmations raise energy in a person changing their DNA. Russian biophysicist and molecular biologist Pjotr Garjajev now has scientifically proven that affirmations along with meditation/ hypnosis (another term for meditation) will raise consciousness, increase well-being, and balance chemistry in individuals.

In my experience, I found that the chemistry did balance out over time. The chemical imbalance was the result of my fearful thinking and actions. My chemical balance was restored. My clear thinking and centered life began to bloom. Reality gradually replaced the insanity. Happiness, joy, and prosperity replaced the depression, suicidal thoughts, and manic actions.

The book, "Conversations with God," explains that the greatest challenge as human beings is to Be Here Now, to stop making things up! Stop creating thoughts abut a pre-sent moment (a moment you "sent" yourself before you had a thought about it.) Be in the moment. Remember, you sent your Self this moment as a gift. The moment contained the seed of a tremendous truth. It is a truth you wished to remember. Yet when the moment arrived, you immediately began constructing thoughts about it. Instead of being in the moment, you stood outside the moment and judged it. Then you re-acted. This is you acted as you did once before. This information by Neale Donald Walsch has helped many people.

The shifting sands become solid with your daily connection to a Higher Power. Centeredness and groundedness in present thoughts, open communication, and current activities alter mood swings producing a sane and rational existence. Several years ago, my psychiatrist declared that I was sane. Bipolar Disorder is no longer a lifetime sentence.

Author's Bio: 

Reverend Marilyn Redmond, BA, CHT, IBRT is a Holistic Health Counselor including Therapeutic Hypnosis and other methods of raising your vibrations. They compliment the changes desired by her clients.

Marilyn is an international speaker, teacher, author, and consultant focusing on personal and spiritual growth. She works with all illness, addictions including alcoholism, domestic violence, relationships, health, healing, spirituality, and education. She was inducted into "Who's Who for Professional and Executives" for her innovative and pioneering work in restoring traumatic lives, healing emotional causes of illness and releasing negative energy.

Her first book is "Roses Have Thorns, Encouragement on Evolving from Pain to Joy" Her forthcoming book "Secrets to Life and Living: Let the Real You Out" will reveal innovative and cutting edge answers to our problems and illnesses.

She has taught in colleges, wellness centers, speaks, writes, and counsels people to find their inner strength and consciousness for health, healing, and empowerment. Her radio show, "Marilyn's Solutions", and her radio and TV appearances are big successes. She is available for your next event to transform your life.