Subliminal messages work on the principles of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). NLP basically states that the way in which you talk to yourself will determine your experience of life. Sometimes we find our internal voices speaking negatively, and this only holds us back - like a self fulfilling prophecy.

Subliminal messages work as a mild form of hypnosis to overwrite negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones. However the difference is that you will not enter a deep trance, but your subconscious mind will decode the messages even though you will not consciously hear anything consciously. Whats more is that the more you listen to them the deeper the learning will be processed.

This means you can use subliminal messages while performing other tasks: You can reprogram your mind for success while studying, working, sleeping, or even exercising!

Subliminal messages can be used to rewire your mind for success, whether it is getting you motivated to exercise, helping you to lose weight, learning a new language, or building your confidence.... The list is endless! For almost any area you want to improve on in life you can use subliminal messages to give you a boost!

This is not to say that subliminal messages are an instant miracle method to success - far from it! They simply ensure that your subconscious mind is working 100% to achieve your conscious goals too. So you still need to consciously want the change to happen, but if you really do then subliminal messages will give you that edges!

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Dan Bainbridge is the Director of Real Subliminal - An online subliminal retail store selling over 150 professional, high quality subliminal mp3 and subliminal cd albums for personal development and improvement.