You have welcomed a new person to grow up in your family. You have in fact changed your family forever and it no longer belongs to just the two of you. Through your generosity and love you have opened your hearts and home and expanded yourselves to include your children. What you have done is selfless, loving and incredibly generous. The sacrifices you will make and the efforts you will put forth will far exceed any possible return. I’m not saying there won’t be rewards; there will be. But for the most part you are giving without any desire for a “return.” You deserve tremendous credit and should expect gratitude from your children; which needs to be part of their training.

Your personal relationship with your spouse, however, is still yours and is one thing that must not be sacrificed. It should be enhanced. The opportunity for praise (I do hope you praise your spouse often) has expanded as your spouse and you are able to really shine as parents and help mates. This is a great opportunity to tell your spouse all the things they are doing right. It is a great opportunity to observe and comment on how sweet the love they give to your newborn is. Don’t allow this opportunity to slip away because of the increased work load. You will get used to the work and responsibilities and everything will be fine. Praise, praise, and praise some more. Float in the joy and love your baby together so he or she knows so much love they are intoxicated. What a joyous time. Guard your focus! Don’t let the stupid thoughts get a toe hold in your mind (it is YOUR mind). Congratulations and God bless you!

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Paul Friedman’s entry into the business of helping couples mend their marriages began with a very rough personal experience with divorce. Paul came out of an early retirement to become a mediator. His belief was that couples could easily work out the details of separation and get on with their lives. He discovered the truth from his clients: they only sought divorce because the help they found to stay together didn't work.

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