This is what you wanted, so why are you feeling so scared?
Is it your "negative beliefs?" Are you just incompetent? A victim? Those were some of the questions going on in my mind when I was in my big stage of reinvention about 10 years ago. Now that I know what to expect, any time I reinvent an area of my life it becomes easier. I know there will be “turbulence” and I know I will be uncomfortable, and I know why.
1. Old habits die hard
2. Your brain wiring
3. No Model
Old habits die hard
Experts say we think over 60,000 thoughts per day and at least 85% of those thoughts are either repetitive or negative. With that in mind, think of how exhausted your mind is when the old thoughts no longer work for you. When you reinvent you are in essence you have to think hard to create new habits and new thoughts, therefore it is exhausting which translates to "not comfortable."
Your brain wiring
There is this little part of your brain called the amygdala, part of the limbic system located in the temporal lobe of the cerebral hemisphere. When you go through a big change the amygdala shoots out chemicals that manifest as fear, anxiety and doubt.
No Model
If you are breaking new ground...for example you are the first in your family to start a business, or you are building something innovative, you are a pioneer in the true sense of the word. You didn’t have a role model therefore you will probably make many mistakes and miss many opportunities. Until you have a clear vision or a model to work from you will experience a fair amount of disappointment, frustration or fear.
Here's the good news: The subconscious can and will solve any problem if you know how to direct it. Here are some quick solutions:
1. Read books like "The Answer" and "The Master Key System" so you can learn more about how the brain and the subconscious mind works.

2. Join a mastermind where you can tap into the ideas of other successful people who may have different talents and a bigger point of view with no emotional attachment.
3. Remind yourself that when it comes to growth, comfort is not a requirement.
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Marlene Chism is the founder of Stop Your Drama and the author of Success is a Given. Marlene works with spiritually-minded entrepreneurs and business owners who are in a stage of reinvention. Marlene regularly speaks about the Stop Your Drama Methods on her Signature Series Calls. To see more go to