For decades and even centuries, it is a well documented fact that the wealthy have become rich through real estate than any other type of investment.

You don’t need to wait another 10 or 20 years to make money with real estate, whether you are a short or long term investor the reality is that we can not ask for a better time than now to jump in and acquire as you want. This is a Buyer’s market, choose and pick what you want, discounted prices, and lots of motivated sellers for one reason or another.

We are starting to see local market prices adjusting to ‘real numbers’. These new prices are we all can identify with as being true numbers. Florida will continue to grow and will attract many families from around the country and foreign nations to move here. This is an ideal location!

More and more people moving in to the area, means more and more business opportunity for you, some families will look to buy a first home and those in this market losing their properties to foreclosure will need a place over their heads to live, thus creating a great opportunity for investors to offer, rentals, lease options and even owner financing deals.

Our state offers and welcomes diversity of neighborhoods, cultures, and pricing, as an investor you can get involved in acquiring condos, town homes, single-family and commercial properties.

We all know that the current market is offering distressed real estate desirable for quick resale or hold. You just have to get in, become educated, do due diligence and buy.

Existing and new homeowners as well as lenders are in need for us, the investors, to come to their rescue. If you are interested in helping yourself and create wealth for your family, now is a great time to invest, help someone, make money and help our country economy as well!

Author's Bio: 

Axel Lopez is an author, speaker, marketing consultant and real estate investor. Mr. Lopez is the co-founder of the Hispanic Investors Resource Center Group that meets monthly in Orlando, FL to network and educate on real estate investing opportunities.