Most likely the times that you have thought about quitting smoking or been told by someone else that you need to stop smoking are too numerous to count. How about all the good reasons that you need to stop smoking? Waking in the morning and saying this will be the day that “I quit. I will stop today.” After a few hours, you end up having a cigarette. Quitting is so difficult. Are you sure that you really want to stop smoking?

As I have been working with people that want to stop smoking, we begin to explore the physical and emotional ties to smoking. Looking at their habit. Gaining an understanding about the relationship between the person and the cigarette.

Although people make many excuses about their smoking problem, most people know they have an addiction. They are not in control anymore. The physical addiction to nicotine is very strong and happens relatively quickly for most people. Nicotine works like you expect it to most of the time. It is very difficult for people to not smoke when the physical craving is so strong.

This is where our work begins. Coming into a session with a strong craving to smoke. Discussing what that is like for you. How do you feel, emotionally and physically. Once I am able to get an understanding about your craving, we can then address the negative energy that is associated with the nicotine craving.

This is based upon the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). Any negative emotion causes a disruption in the bodies energy system. If we release the negative energy and correct the flow, your craving will begin to subside. You will begin to feel the craving reduce as we correct the energy flow in your body. Once you have learned the technique for EFT, you can do it on your own. The likelihood that you will have positive results doing it on your own once you learn the technique is greater than 50%. The EFT process is very simple and takes less than one minute to do. Read the article about EFT and try it on your own. Working together will help the process go even faster as we focus on issues that might be related to smoking, but are difficult to see on your own.

Author's Bio: 

Loren Fogelman is the co-owner of Kolpia Counseling. Her education includes a Bachelors degree in Psychology and a Masters in Community Counseling. She is an Oregon Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor and an advanced certified EFT practitioner. Since 1984, Loren has been working as a therapist. Her experience includes Mental Health units in hospital settings, schools, residential and outpatient treatment programs. Her specialties include addictions, chronic conditions, trauma, and spirituality. Loren’s goal is to help people reach their peak potential, whether personally, professionally or in sports performance. “Part of my approach to counseling involves energy work using the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). EFT is the most effective, gentle, yet rapid method for personal growth I have ever found.” Maintaining a sense of safety while working on issues is a priority. EFT focuses on perceptions and helps to change negative beliefs into positive ones. EFT has the ability to clear emotional traumas without additional anxiety and to remove physical pain. Contact for a free consultation.