Even though you’ve been with your man for many years, it’s still important to know which questions to ask your boyfriend. The art of conversation should be preserved. It keeps the connection between you two alive and adds fireworks to any relationship.

If you want to know which questions to ask your boyfriend, read on!

1) What would you do if you can have any superhero powers?

Now this isn’t a regular romantic question, but it is a good question to ask your boyfriend (especially if he likes superhero and fantasy themes a lot).

For one, it allows him to be a little kid again and allows you a peek into his more playful side. Never mind that he might go on and on about his answer. This actually helps him forget about work-related problems and de-stress.

2) What would you do if we had the house to ourselves?

Asking your boyfriend this question will lead your conversation into passionate escapades. After all, it’s not often that you two have any privacy at all.

It’s a good way to flirt over the phone or even when you’re just hanging out together. This question will keep his mind preoccupied with thoughts of you and allow you to exchange physical fantasies even. This is a welcome spice to any mature relationship.

3) Is there anyone special in your life now?

Of course, the obvious answer here would be you. But doing it like a TV show host can have you two flirting for several minutes or so. Guys love to shower their girlfriends with lots of love and affection, and you coyly asking him about it will ensue in more love and affection.

These are just some of the questions to ask your boyfriend in order to get to know him better or just strengthen your bond with him. It’s good to kick off your heels and have a little fun question-and-answer portion with him sometime.

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