Magical but Simple Do-It-At-Home Virtues

Most of the “blockages” to success are originated in cosmic imbalance that slows down the process of attracting abundance or financial prosperity.

Learn how to induce your own “Good Luck” combining two magical ingredients and performing simple actions.

“Good luck” is known as the magical combination between opportunity and readiness. It is said that when opportunity knocks on the door and finds you prepared to act upon it – your success is assured.

I wish this would be accurate in 100% of the cases, but from my vast experience with people who come to seek my advice, I have learned that for many, nothing has worked. They invested years of studying and perfecting their skills, and encountered endless opportunities which looked quite promising, but bore nothing rather than cumulative disappointments.

No wonder such people were frustrated: They did everything they could, and made huge efforts assuming full responsibility in creating their own success.

How does Luck get “Stuck”?

When examining the issue from a metaphysical perspective, there are several reasons for one’s slippery success. In many cases we can find blockages on the way to prosperity, most of them are originated in cosmic imbalance that slows down the process of attracting abundance or financial gain. These imbalances may occur when the energies around us are “polluted” with negative influences, usually caused by envious thoughts and intents of others, or what we may call “The Evil Eye”.

Here I collected several methods of action that went through my family through generations, and proved success on numerous people. I shall narrow the subject to dealing with financial gain and the ways to clear your atmosphere, induce good luck at the business place and help things flow easily.

What makes it Work?

Two major ingredients are activated in order to transform a situation from “stranded” to “flowing”: When combining a deep intent with a concrete action, the abstract desire to achieve something anchors itself in reality. As you focus your thoughts on the things you want to achieve together with the application of different materials or substances, the spiritual energies find a natural channel to materialize.

The following virtues, which can easily be made by anybody, use natural substances known for their richness and depuration qualities and therefore act as physical substances to deliver aspirations to fulfillment.

A small comment to the skeptics: You can’t argue with results. Although the following methods do not look scientific, let me assure you that they work because they follow basic universal laws.

Highly Recommended to Do it At Home:

Here are a few receipts for material success. Remember that your sincere intent and highest aspirations are essential when performing these simple “rituals”:

A Virtue for Material Success and Livelihood:

In order to maintain good livelihood and success, take a pinch of salt, place it in tin foil and carry it in your pocket.
The salt should be replaced every day. Repeat the action until you can feel major changes.

The salt has some powerful qualities – to attract and absorb, as well as purify.

Inducing Good Luck in the Business Place:

Many times, lack of success in the business is caused by the evil eye, bad energies from certain visitors and other unpredictable restrictions.

Here is a great way to make your own virtue to increase monetary gain in the business place:

Write the following text on a fig leaf:

Your first name
Your family name
Your mother's name
Your date of birth

Spread honey on the leaf, take a piece of paper and dip it in olive oil. Wrap the fig leaf with the paper with tin foil. The leaf should be kept inside a Bible in the house or the business place.

The fig leaf and olive oil symbolize abundance. Registering your personal data on the leaf dedicates the amulet to yourself. Placing it inside a sacred book will add the power of words to it and enhance its effectiveness.

A Virtue for Peace & Harmony amongst the Employees

In order to maintain peace and harmony amongst the employees, you must light three white candles in the evening of the beginning of each month. This should be done at the business place. Place a vase with red or pink flowers next to the candles and let them burn completely. The next morning, the flowers should be distributed between the employees or the visitors.

A Virtue for Cleansing Energies at the Business Place:

In order to cleanse the business place from negatives energies and evil eye caused by envious visitors, do the following:

Take 12 olive or fig leaves, write the name of the business on one side of each leaf, and on the other side write the word "success". Spread them on the floor next to the entrance when closing the place in the evening. The leaves should be collected into a bag the next morning.

This procedure should be performed twice a year, 7 nights in a row. After 7 days, burn the leaves and bury the ashes in the ground.

Protecting Your Business Place:

You have to prepare seven little bags, (preferably from a pure material such as silk or cotton). Insert in each one of them: One spoon of salt, three olive leafs and a clove of garlic. Tie the bags with blue and red threads, and place them in different hidden corners in the business place.

To Ensure a Successful Day in Business or Study:

This virtue is aimed for anyone who needs success for the next day in business, exams, job interview or important meetings.
This ritual should be done in the evening before the event:
Heat a tablespoon of olive oil and pour it into a small bowl. Take a cock's feather (for men) or a hen's feather (for women), stand barefoot at your doorstep and say:

“Success will await me from the moment I leave my house and until I return, in wherever I go and whatever I do. And I shall return in good spirit. Amen, amen, amen”.

Dip the feather in the oil and smear your toes with it as you are standing at your doorstep. Since that moment, you have to stay in the house until the next morning. After performing this ritual, you can wash your feet and go to sleep. The whole following day will be blessed and successful.

To Increase Wealth:

Burn three pieces of charcoal in a metal container, and place three medium size garlic cloves on top of them. Walk around the house or business place with the smoking container and spread the fumes all over the place. While doing so, focus your thoughts on bringing wealth and abundance. This should be done in the evening. The next morning you can open the windows and ventilate the rooms.

Transforming Luck in the Business Place:

This ritual is aimed for turning the luck around in the business Place. Before performing the ritual, take into consideration that negative luck may change to the better, and vice versa – good luck may turn into bad luck. Your intention while performing the ritual is therefore crucial to your success.
Take an egg of a white hen and write your first and last name (the original name given at birth) on it. Add your date of birth and your mother's name as well.

Write the following verse on the other side of the egg: "Change my destiny in this business, turn the bad things in it to good things, amen, so will be it".

Break the egg on the doorstep in a full moon night. Do not clean the remains of the egg until the sun rises.

A Virtue to Remove Blockages in Livelihood:

This virtue is good for situations when there is a sense of restriction (blockage) in the business, and things seem to be “stuck”. It’s also good to perform it when things are going along well:

Take a Dollar or Euro or five Shekels coin and place it on a tin foil.

Write your business name on a clove of garlic, dip it in honey and add to the coin. Add a pinch of coarse salt, wrap the whole thing in the tin foil, and hide it in the business place wherever it cannot be seen by anyone.

A Virtue for Attaining Promotion or Success in Getting a New job:

This virtue is good for succeeding in a job interview or applying for a job promotion.

To create your own virtue:

Write your full name, your date of birth and your father's name on an egg shell. Add a coin to the shell and wrap the egg shell and coin in a fig leaf. Tie the leaf with a red thread and wrap the whole bunch in tin foil. Go to the job interview or meeting with your boss with this talisman in your pocket or your wallet.

Good Luck!

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Itzhak Mizrahi A renowned metaphysical and kabalistic counselor. He accumulated his wide knowledge and experience along thirty four years of work in the realm of Kabalah and metaphysics.

Itzhak Mizrahi is one of the few experts who are proficient in the scripting of King Solomon Seals according to mother’s name, date of birth and timing. Itzhak is a sought after lecturer in the areas of fate analysis, charms and amulets, soul incarnation, dream interpretation and superstitions. He is the founder of, the largest and most comprehensive Israeli website in the area of metaphysics and the occult.

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