Wellness is first and foremost a choice to assume responsibility for the quality of our own life.

It begins with a conscious decision to shape a healthy lifestyle. Wellness is a mindset, a predisposition to adopt a series of key principles in varied life areas that lead to high levels of well-being and life satisfaction. It is to have personal empowerment to take control of ones life and to walk the middle line; balance in all things in life is the key to optimum health and happiness.

If you decided to read this educational information sheet and act… you may well find yourself on your personal pathway to optimum health and vitality.

Wishing you perpetual wellness, Marcus Williamson CEO Puriti Programs for Life

Imagine waking up tomorrow feeling, happy, optimistic and full of life that you wonder if something truly wonderful has happened.

That’s what life is like when you possess one very important physical trait — natural balanced energy. It’s a strong, powerful energy that you feel physically, mentally, and emotionally. People with this type of energy tend to be far happier, healthier, and even appear more attractive to others. The Puriti Program has been tried and tested by some of the world’s leading wellness specialists, being heralded as the missing link to wellness and optimum health and vitality.
In the next few minutes I’m going to share the one simple secret that can flood your body with this exact type of natural energy and inner joy. It’s the same secret we used to transform our lives when we were drowning in stress, fatigue, irritability, mood swings and the effects of the modern day diet.

Purification the “energy chemistry” secret…

This simple secret uses your body’s own natural chemistry to create energy. You see, only when your chemical makeup is balanced, can you feel motivated, energized, and the “in-your-heart” kind of happiness that fills your spirit, and shows on your face. This isn’t just my opinion as a purification specialist, its groundbreaking research is uncovering that everything flows from a balanced pH system—your happiness, mood, focus, fitness, sleep, attractiveness, even how well you control overeating.

“The Puriti Programs” are a true godsend for people suffering with fatigue and mood issues — in most cases, its energizing, mood-lifting results occur within days.”

This natural breakthrough literally wipes out fatigue…

No matter how tired, unmotivated, or unhappy you may feel, I can tell you that everything will change once you put the secret to use. And be prepared — your results can be quick and dramatic.
The Puriti Purification Programs make you feel true happiness and shine with natural beauty and enthusiasm.

The answer — a true, long-lasting solution to this very real problem — is the discovery of a natural, powerful purification program called Puriti Programs for Life. Let me explain...These programs weren’t an accidental discovery or a simple stroke of luck. I set out to help my clients (and myself!) live a better, happier life, and I knew the solution had everything to do with fixing the body’s natural energy at its core.

So, working with the top herbalists in the Thailand, we developed the Puriti Programs, an all-natural organic herbal purification program that includes carefully combined nutrients and exercise. While it took years of research and testing, the results have been truly astonishing!

This natural discovery has helped many people from all walks of life find their energy and inner joy, leading them to optimum health and vitality.

The Puriti Programs have already helped so many people to discover boundless energy, new motivation, and the kind of true happiness that makes every day fulfilling.

What I want you to understand is that when you adjust your own natural pH balance, you can improve nearly every part of your life. It’s not just the physical improvements either, you’ll find that relationships get better, you feel enthusiastic again and you will even look better— others will notice it, too!
It’s time to live the life you want.

So are you ready to trade exhaustion for vitality? Do you want to get the kind of energy and joy that makes every part of your life better? Right now, you have the power to start living the life you want. It all starts with one simple thing — bringing back your natural balance...

What every person hates to hear… “You look so tired! Are you ok?”
They may as well say, “Hi, you look old and haggard!”

Unfortunately, that’s what happens when your body lacks natural balance and you have toxins swimming around your system. You walk around with dark circles under your eyes, puffy skin, and slumped shoulders. The fact is… toxins within our system are one of the fastest ways to speed aging and make us look and feel older than our years. That’s why… purifying your body is one of the greatest anti-aging beauty secrets that exist today. Even better, it feels wonderful and you look wonderful!

Your fatigue is not in your head… it’s in the toxins that are in your body.

One of the reasons the Puriti Programs work so well for people is because it deals with one of the root causes of fatigue we face today — acidosis. Simply put, without the correct pH balance within our bodies, we cannot be well.

Your adrenals are what your body uses to manage stress, both good and bad. These glands put out necessary chemicals — epinephrine, norepinephrine, and cortisol — to help your body handle all the physical and emotional stressors from everyday life. If we are too acidic our body’s natural defenses cannot work to the best their ability, we quickly become worn out, fatigued and create a breeding ground for many of the modern day maladies.

Cancer cells cannot survive in an alkaline environment the correct pH balance is critical to our wellbeing.
“A fatigued mind, body and spirit will respond beautifully to the Puriti Programs.”

But when your body encounters too much turmoil over too long a time, your adrenals get weak from overuse. Then they start putting out far too many of these stress chemicals, and that’s when the trouble really begins. Stress causes us to become over acidic. This leads to very real physical effects including fatigue, irritability, trouble sleeping and even foggy thinking.
What’s more, I believe that much of the concern over thyroid issues can often be linked to adrenal exhaustion. By fixing your pH balance and purifying your system, you’ll be amazed by the improvements in your energy, metabolism, and focus.

The Puriti Program gives your entire system exactly what it needs… Energy within days!

Well after a very successful Pre-Eco 3 Day Diet Plan followed by the 8 Day Puriti Program, and concluding the program with the 8 Day Post Diet Plan. I can honestly say that I feel like a completely new person! Not only did I lose 9 Kg over the course of the entire program. But I also feel completely revitalized from head to toe. I sleep far better, I wake up earlier, I feel more motivated to exercise consistently, my complexion looks far more healthier, I'm much more focused and industrious in my daily working routine, my eating habits are more stable as well eating much smaller portions compared to before the program.
Thanks Puriti Stephen Radcliffe General Manager Bali Hyatt

The answer to optimum health and vitality is a balanced pH and a purified system…

The Thai herbs and minerals used in the Puriti Programs work like near magic “balancing” the body’s pH and purifying the body of toxins. The wonderful organic Thai herbs and minerals used in the programs have been know to the ancients as “Food of the Gods” and the “Elixirs of Life” for generations. Purification of the digestive system, cleansing and strengthening the gastro-intestinal tract has an incredible health benefit to the body’s five major organs; it also acts to stimulate the brain and nervous system.

Emotional depression and fatigue in many of our most commonly seen metabolic disorders occurs as a result of over acidity and mal-absorption? Experience shows that the Puriti Programs may well be one of the most valuable programs for treating all manner of modern day maladies.

The Puriti Programs acts on the respiratory, digestive, circulatory, neurological systems and increases sexual libido.
The Puriti Programs are an energy giving, metabolizing, anti-aging, weight loss program for the 21st Century.

Since the 7th Century, purification has been used in traditional healing throughout Asia, Middle East, Russia, Eastern Europe, and Scandinavia. Since 1960 there have been thousands of studies published in scientific literature, including many human studies which have produced outstanding results from total body purification.

One exciting outcome is that research suggests purification helps your adrenals adapt to stressors, allowing you to release stress chemicals normally. The effects can be dramatic, ending both your physical and mental fatigue.

The Puriti Programs are “the missing link, a natural breakthrough for people with low energy and mood,it’s a real plug and play health & wellbeing program for the modern day wellness seeker” Michael Loh Spa Asia Magazine

The benefits are;

• You can feel your physical energy return quickly and remain constant.
• You can feel increased happiness and a new sense of well-being.
• Your drive, motivation and ability to focus can dramatically improve.
• You can obtain the body weight that suits you.

The Puriti Program also has the ability to help improve energy and performance by enhancing cellular ATP energy — your body’s fuel. They simply balance out your body chemistry, if you’re overweight the program helps to balance your body so you can achieve your ideal weight, if you are underweight it feeds your body and helps you to achieve a healthier weight.


* Provides anti-fatigue, and physical and mental performance-enhancing effects * Significant improvements in physical fitness, mental fatigue, neuro-motor tests, and general well-being * Substantial improvements in both fatigue and cognitive thinking * Diminishing irritability, and boosting energy, general well-being, endurance and strength * Reducing recovery time from sports activities…

The Anti-ageing, fatigue-fighting, program for the Educated Wellness Seeker… Toxins wreak havoc on your physical and mental well-being, literally draining your energy. Remember, to balance your body at its core, you need to support your five major organs. Optimum health & vitality, an option for all…
A natural “program” that helps you to feel happy and well…

The thing about low energy is that it can erode so many other things in your life. Feeling unhappy or the “blah” feeling, dissatisfied with your life, or experiencing erratic mood swings are common effects of an incorrect pH balance.

Life is far too short to be unhappy with your health!
The chemistry of purification— Try it and see!

* Makes you appear more attractive to others * Lowers your blood pressure * Boosts your immune system *Lifts your mood, releasing endorphins and serotonin * Releases natural pain killers and relieves stress * Makes you more confident and more successful * Makes you appear younger to others * Open your door to Optimum Health & Vitality Today!

So if you’re wondering what it feels like to be truly well and happy, balanced and empowered… I will share with you some of the testimonials from our “purification powered” people, real people with real lives…

After 20 years working in the hospitality industry, combined with an extremely hectic current work and social life I was so worn down that, no matter how much sleep I was getting, I woke up every day exhausted.

On hearing about Puriti Program and after much internal debate (could I do it, would I last the distance??) I 'signed up' for the Puriti Program. I can honestly say that it's one of the best things I've ever done. I had the best sleep I've ever had and after day 3 started waking up feeling refreshed and not tired for the first time in several years. After day 4 it got better and better. My skin started looking more moist and youthful by the day - each day another one of the staff told me how amazing and 'fresh' I looked. I lost all that feeling of 'puffiness' that toxicity leaves in your body and the kilos dropped away. Now the program has officially finished and I am committed to ensuring that my diet remains as clean and raw as possible to hang onto this amazing feeling of wellbeing.

Most importantly was a real feeling of clarity of mind. I was able to make some very big decisions that I had put off for a long time and feel much better for them now. Can't recommend it enough, Narelle RM Trisara Phuket

This feeling of clarity doesn’t just magically occur; it’s created through a series of natural little chain reactions that the Puriti Program causes in your body and unlike other options you may consider, it’s all-natural high. One very effective way to lift your mood is to optimize your dopamine levels — and you can do this naturally with an amino acid called L-tyrosine.

Dopamine is the body’s “feel good” neurotransmitter put out by your brain and L-tyrosine is the building block for the dopamine. The bottom line, you need L-tyrosine to feel good and in order to gain maximum benefits from this and any other nutrient you first need to purify your system to gain the greatest level of absorption.

It creates mental energy, alertness, and feelings of enthusiasm. Purification has an overall energizing effect on your body, improving physical stamina and wellbeing. Puriti Programs can assist you by removing the toxins that stop these amino acids from being absorbed into your system.

While the Puriti Program boosts your energy quickly, stops fatigue, and even clears a foggy mind, it’s the ‘happiness’ factor that makes you feel so good.

The answer is to purify your system so your body will naturally produce optimal levels of dopamine, absorption becomes easy after purification.

Happy, alert and full of energy! I feel blessed to have been given the opportunity to do the 4 day Puriti Program. It has helped me to take control of my health and my life. I wanted to do the program for 2 reasons. Firstly I’d just had a complete turn around in life, both personally and professionally. These changes had caused me to stress out considerably and I felt a cleanse would help me to release some of the emotions I’d been bottling-up inside, get back on track and focus on my new life. Secondly I had recently suffered from a couple of kidney infections and realized it was time I took better care of myself. So what better way than to give my insides a good spring clean? Emily Phuket Thailand

The secret to being well…
The Puriti Programs gives you natural, long-lasting energy and nourishes worn-out individuals.

Internal purification is the natural, everyday process of a healthy body. Eliminating toxins has always been foundational to our survival and is the doorway to optimal health and vitality. Our bodies work hard trying to protect us from toxins by storing them in our cells, mucous, and fat stores, waiting for a time when they can be eliminated. Unless we periodically help our bodies to eliminate these toxins by internal purification, an accumulation of toxins can lead to a toxic overload. Left unattended, our bodies may experience this toxic overload in various ways.

With today’s typical lifestyles, of stress, high sugar intake and the wrong fats in our highly processed diet, improper food combination, inadequate absorption of nutrients and over eating, all can abuse the delicate working systems of our body and inhibit purification and the evacuation pathways. This can lead to the development of symptoms such as hormonal problems, depression, fatigue, muscular aches and pains, headaches, infections, debilitating viral illnesses, digestive problems, loss of libido, allergies and there is also evidence that internal toxins are even linked to cancer.

Simple common deficiency…
could be making your fatigue even worse...

When you’re experiencing low energy, along with moodiness, it’s very likely you’re deficient in vitamins and minerals. These are absolutely essential for energy production, metabolism and general wellbeing. When nutrients are not being absorbed because of years of neglect one must expect to pay the price but when does the price get too high…

When you are tired, listless, lacking in energy, no libido…..Rest assured, when you complete your Puriti Program, you are able to naturally absorb the perfect balance of vitamins and minerals leading you to better health than you may have had in years!

What people everywhere are saying about…
the Puriti Programs… Truly awesome! “It was actually very easy to stick to the program and it was a real treat to focus purely on my wellbeing for that length of time. In my entire life, I don’t think I’ve ever felt so healthy and revitalized! Debbie Dionysius Director of Destination Marketing Laguna Phuket

Energized during the day… sleeping better at night! In the words of the James Brown classic, ‘Whoa-oa-oa! I feel good, I knew that I would, now’ I feel healthy, energetic, slim and, surprisingly, able to think more clearly. I actually feel kind of liberated – and this is the result of taking part in a Puriti purification program. By the way my boyfriend is so impressed with my results that he told me yesterday he wants to do this program himself! Frances di Leva HR Dept Hilton Group

Worked in two days! I feel wonderful, this program it has educated me in a more positive way how to live my life. Linda Spa Manager Evason Phuket

From listless to energized! The program was very very rewarding –it has made me feel great in myself and more open minded on what and when to eat the right foods or drinks. My kitchen staff have recently said I look more handsome and some are following what I eat and drink. Its Help me think more and take on more information and structure it out. Never in my life have I thought of taken on a challenge like this but it was worth it Paul pastry chef Evason Phuket

People say I look brighter! For me it was a very positive experience and had a good impact on my body. I would highly recommend this for people who want to take responsibility for their eating habits and are prepared to invest some time and effort in eating in a different manner for a week. The program has also made me more aware of what I am eating and the types of ingredients included in different products which may be of no benefit to your body Alison Snelling Urban Healing

Amazed at the effect! The Puriti Program is easy to use and effective. I intend to carry out the Puriti Program at least once a year. Kind regards, Sonu Shivdasani CEO Evason Six Senses
Not feeling wiped out anymore! I really enjoyed being on the program and decompressing over the last 9 days. It is really what I needed and I now feel revitalized! With this renewed strength, I hope to get back and make things happen for Season 2 of the show. May Lee – The May Lee Show - Lotus Media House Pte Ltd Founder & CEO

Now’s the time to change your life!

Why Hotel GM’s love the Puriti Programs
The Puriti Program is a very exciting programme for the future of the wellness industry and for all departments that are and will be involved with it. The program allows each hotel property to embrace it and put their individual touches to it. A fascinating programme for Sales & Marketing to present to the travel & Spa industry and something that is ultimately perfectly suited for the busy hotel GM as a tool for health.

It is an extraordinary programme, highly professional in all aspects.
Char Rutherford-Gray

This program presents a method that can lead your body to exceptional health and vitality. Honor your body and your body will honor you.

For best results follow the program, as designed.

• Watch your physical and mental energy soar
• Feel truly happy and more connected
• End your fatigue at its root cause
• Feel more motivated and vital
• Turn back the aging clock!!

You will even look more vibrant… and others will notice it, too!
Reclaim Your Stamina, Endurance, and Motivation! You’ll get Fit and Feel Great!

More energy to exercise! I have noticed a considerable difference since using the Puriti Program I started noticing a difference in just a few days. I noticed more energy when I exercise. I feel more energised all day, I really like all the products that I have tried from Puriti. Keep it up!
Dorothy Simms, aged 79

Feeling tired all the time is probably one of the greatest obstacles in losing weight and getting fit. Exercise takes motivation. Motivation comes from energy. How can anyone want to get moving, keep moving, and stick with a fitness plan when you’re worn out from morning until night? You can’t really... But what if you could get back your energy, stamina and endurance whilst losing weight and getting fit, could this be far easier than you ever imagined?

The Puriti Program gives you the tools your body needs to get back on track enabling you to feel motivated and energized. Don’t confuse it with some quick fix magic weight-loss pill (nothing like that really exists no matter what wacky claims are out there). Think of the Puriti Program as a way to break out of a cycle of overeating and lack of exercise. While every component in the Puriti Program will help, there are two that are especially powerful when it comes to physical energy and rebuilding your endurance….

Toxin removal and metabolizing your body… Are toxins running your life?

Looking for More vitality

You feel your stamina return and your endurance skyrockets; the Puriti Programs promote a higher rate of metabolism, which helps you stay slim more easily!

Motivated and energized…

The more time I have done the program better I have felt. I have also been able to lose 10 kilos in just one week. I know the extra energy has helped me to metabolize, more importantly; it has given me part of my life back. My energy levels where so low that I would struggle to do what I needed, let alone run the marathon that I have begun to train for. I am so thankful to you and all those who helped create the Puriti Program. I have been telling lots of folks about this wonderful program. Thank you again for such a great miracle for me.
Barry, UK aged 57

Three Common Triggers of acidosis…

The most basic reason we eat is to get energy, energy comes from food. So when your body feels extra tired, you instinctively crave the energy from food so you eat more.

About 2/3 of adults say they eat more when they face stressful situations. That’s because food is like a medicine that calms you down when you feel stressed, angry, or frustrated.

Emotional lows trigger overeating in a significant number of people. Food is comforting; it releases endorphins in our brain that make us feel good.
The Chemistry of pH Balance... More stamina, able to handle stress, joy in life…

I noticed an improvement within the first week. I missed the energy I used to have that allowed me to keep up with being a busy GM. I definitely feel more energy during the day. I was amazed at how much I accomplished in four days! I haven’t felt this much stamina in years! Thanks!
Blandine, GM Asian Pacific

Too Much Acid = Exhaustion

As we have mentioned if you feel physically and mentally tired you may be experiencing over acidity. If your body carries too much acid, your oxygen supply gets lower and your ATP energy production slows down. This results in muscle fatigue, slow mental reaction and less stamina. Being overly acidic also causes premature aging, something no one wants!

So how do we become too acidic in the first place?
It often begins with an overly acidic diet (from things like refined sugar, dairy, alcohol, and coffee, cooked foods); then there’s stress which produces acid; and even some over-the-counter medications create acidic by-products in the body. Plus, there’s the simple fact of aging itself, people often experience unbalanced pH levels starting around age 35. You may think that you’re feeling tired because you’re just “getting older,” when the real reason is too much acid!

The right amount of alkaline is the secret …

To reverse over acidity, you want to make your body slightly more alkaline, which allows your cells and tissues to buffer acids around the clock. When these acids are neutralized, they are unable to drain your energy; it’s that simple.

The answer is to increase your body’s level of buffering agents.
And you do this by eating less acidic foods, drinking coconut water and by supplementing with several key nutrients, including certain forms of calcium, magnesium, and potassium. Over 90% of people become overly acidic as they age, which in turn results in fatigue, loss of libido & weight gain.

The Puriti Programs meet the highest requirements for quality, potency, purity and freshness. Only the finest Organic Thai herbs, in their best forms, are used. No exceptions.

No compromises… Open your pathway to Optimum Health and Vitality.

Soon after you start your Puriti Program you’ll feel incredible new energy and a wonderful feeling of happiness. Don’t be surprised when others notice it, too. It’s never too late to start a wellness lifestyle, it is open to all ages, all religions, all people across the globe, it is a truly multi cultural experience!

What's Your Body Type?
You’re TOO ACIDIC if you:

 Feel very tired after exercise or physical work
 Feel sluggish in the morning
 Experience frequent flus, colds, or respiratory problems
 Have a weak digestive tract
 Have thin bones and weak muscles
 Feel lethargic after drinking wine or eating a meal with meat
 Anger easily
 Struggle to deal with stress

You’re in balance if you:

 Have lots of energy, especially after eating a high-protein meal
 Have healthy, comfortable digestion
 Possess great physical endurance
 Have a strong immune system (rarely get colds or the flu)
 Have thick, strong bones and muscles
 Are in a general state of happiness
 Able to handle stress

The Puriti Program helps correct acidity-overload and balances your pH levels.

So no more energy drain!!

Modern “Poisons” When you feel tired and worn out, it’s common to reach for a cup of coffee, soda, or some kind of quick fix candy bar. We are not saying that you can’t or shouldn’t ever have these things. But if your adrenal glands are already worn out, these everyday foods will act like poison in your system. Balance is the key to wellness…

Caffeine (found in coffee, black tea, and many sodas) contains chemicals called methylxanthins. These chemicals stimulate your central nervous system and give you a quick, but temporary, feeling of energy. However, they also weaken overused adrenal glands, so over time it gets harder and harder to create natural energy.

Candy bars, including many of today’s so-called energy bars, contain one of today’s worst toxins for people — sugar. Sugar depletes your body of B vitamins, disrupts metabolism and forces your adrenal glands to work harder and harder, creates Candida and helps to over populate your gut with parasitic worms. Plus, too much sugar makes fatigue worse by narrowing the diameter of your blood vessels and putting extra stress on your nervous system. Excessive sugar sabotages any weight loss plan and causes major disruption in the body.

Try this easy switch: Replace just one cup of coffee, soda, or a sugary snack a day with a fresh glass of Coconut Water . You’ll be amazed at how quickly you feel steady energy (no jitters!) and how long it lasts. This is the difference between artificially created energy and pure, natural energy.

Up at dawn, no more afternoon slumps! Recent studies have looked primarily at those people who rarely get sick and/or those most often judged by peers as the “healthiest people."

The research suggests that the "Wellest of the Well" possessed the following qualities, to an uncommon degree:

• high self-esteem and a positive outlook
• a philosophical foundation and a sense of purpose
• a strong sense of personal responsibility
• a good sense of humor and plenty of fun in life
• a concern for others and a respect for the environment
• a conscious commitment to personal excellence
• a sense of balance and an integrated lifestyle
• freedom from addictive behaviors
• a capacity to cope with whatever life presents
• to continue to learn grounded in reality
• highly conditioned and physically fit
• a capacity to love and an ability to nurture
• a capacity to manage life’s demands
• communicate effectively
• a healthy intelligent diet

Start your new health regime and Feel Happy,
Attractive and Full of ENERGY!

By now we hope you understand how everything flows from your energy level — your endurance, happiness, mood, motivation, mental sharpness, weight, even how others perceive you. Fix your energy and everything gets better. The Puriti Programs work fast! You can feel the difference within days — even hours! The Puriti Programs have already helped so many people discover boundless energy, new motivation and the kind of true happiness that makes every day fulfilling.

There is no magic key… Effort really does equal REWARD
One other great thing about the Puriti Programs, they’re 100% guaranteed. Guaranteed to end your fatigue and give you long-lasting energy and stamina.

Guaranteed to make you feel motivated and happy again and guaranteed to be safe, all-natural and organic. So… email us today info@puriti.org, if you are ready to find your pathway to optimum health and vitality… We can’t tell you how happy it makes us feel to share the secrets of purification with you. Life is too short not to feel this good!

Warmest personal regards, Marcus and Deborah Williamson

Puriti Programs for Life….www.puriti.org

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Founder Puriti Programs for Life