There are three major circles of influence with respect to prospecting network marketing candidates into your team. We can classify and teach these prospecting methods when approaching people, based on circle of influence.

1. Recruit Friends And Relatives which includes Recruiting Associates and Neighbors.

This is by far the easiest group of people to approach. Years ago, we were taught to make a prospects list of people we know well enough, knowing that our upline leaders were not going to embarrass us when they helped us show the opportunity to them. Even today, you can make a list of prospects of a hundred or more people and be able to show many of them your business. Remember not to prejudge. Simply call and ask if they would be willing to look at your new business. Some will. Some won’t. So what? Next!

2. Casual Acquaintances of the Past, Present and Future.

These are people in our daily living that we know or know us, either by name or recognition. Oftentimes, we can offer acquaintances the opportunity to take a look at a way to earn extra income. We can learn how to prospect these people by having conversations and observing situations that can lead to the perfect approaches. You can experience great success when prospecting network marketing candidates in this large arena of casual acquaintances. Be aware of people, circumstances and events that can lead you to prospects.

3. Cold Prospecting: The Rest of The World, Offline and Online.

Back in the day, we used to talk to total strangers in shopping malls and anywhere else where there were lots of people. In this day and age, we have eliminated rejection by using the internet to access an abundance of networking recruiting assistance. We can build opt-in lists with lead capture pages. We can advertise using SEO, pay-per-click, Traffic Exchanges and most effectively…Our very own Online Video Blog!

The new millenium of Prospecting Network Marketing Associates has evolved into the most duplicatable systems to build multiple streams of solid Online Internet Income!

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