A successful turn-around requires management of the the risks of failure at the earliest stages possible. Nothing is beyond repair on one level or another so never give up hope. Recovery from a failing project requires planning and pulling a team together that above all else has their heart in it. If you are in place to manage a turn-around on a failing project here are some key things to consider:

- Architect the project methodically.

- Prioritize tasks and be clear about expectations.

- Restructure the team only after a meeting that allowed everyone to openly express their passions and concerns. Listening to your team will allowI you to establish their weaknesses are ahead of time.

- Lead with good work ethic and don’t just hand out tasks but stay on top of each one and support the team with encouragement as they move forward.

If you have someone on your team that works better after lunch or in the morning, or even at night make sure you consider their peak moments and maximize their efforts during those times, you will get more for your money if you utilize a time grid with tasks scheduled accordingly.

So many companies have invested time and money into something that is not working and the resentment and anger from this failure often leads to hostile environments that need a bit of clean-up work as well. Take some time to help those on your team process the resentments and get on board with moving forward with the pieces that can be salvaged. By moving everyone away from the regret and solidly into a solution oriented path will help the team embrace the goal and their new roles to achieve it.

When progress erupts the whole team should celebrate the success and be credited. Don’t let anyone on the team get into the “I” mode and make sure they use “we” when giving status updates. This will help eliminate each individual personalizing their success as if their role was more important.

If you are the team leader and feel a bit deflated brining in a coach to help you get your team motivated and strategize with you on your project may be an effective way to get the turn-around done swiftly.

Often we have just moved a few people around on a team after an initial interview and our clients saw immediate results. If your stuck use the contact form and we may be able to offer a few suggestions that make a difference on your project.

Author's Bio: 

Camandago, Inc. was founded by Washington State Private Investigator Shellee Hale. Shellee has been involved in business and management consulting for over 20 years. Most of her clients were high tech firms seeking to utilize new technology for a business advantage. As the Internet grew, Shellee’s toolset expanded to include many forms of electronic information for her clients. After providing electronic research for a legal case, Shellee went on to earn her private investigator license and has enhanced her technical consulting expertise with strategic electronic and Internet-based investigative skills. Shellee is on the board of the Washington Association of Legal Investigators.