When designing a website you should treat every single webpage you create as a potential source that can generate traffic from search engines. Search engines will index and rank every webpage within your website. The aim then is to have all your webpage’s ranking high in the search engine result pages. Every webpage ranking high for a different search term will generate traffic which is ten fold than just a single home page ranking high.

This is where profitable long tail keywords come into play and using them correctly throughout a website on every webpage will guarantee a constant flow of traffic for years to come.

Each and every long tail keyword that is used will attract different amounts of traffic from the search engines, for example it could be an extra twenty visitors or even hundreds of visitors per month per a webpage. This all depends on the demand and supply of each individual keyword that is used.

The demand and supply of keywords is what determines how profitable they are. A profitable keyword is much easier to get a high ranking for in search engines, which in turn generates free targeted traffic.

The demand of a keyword is determined by how many times a particular keyword or keyword phrase is searched for. The higher a term is searched for the more traffic that could be generated by basing a webpage on that term.

The supply is determined by how many other webpage’s in the world wide web have that keyword included within the content. The lower the supply of a keyword the easier it is to rank high.

If for example 1000 people searched for the term “romantic holidays in France” every single month and only 50 websites contained that exact term you would find it very easy to get into the top ten of Google. Then it is certain that a percentage of those 1000 people would click into your website.

If for example 100,000 people searched for the term “holidays” every single month and 2 million websites contained that keyword you would find it very difficult to get into Google’s top ten and would receive zero traffic of those 100,000 people.

If a website containing 200 webpage’s and each of those pages were attracting 1000 visitors then you would receive 200,000 visitors per a month.

Holidays is a main keyword and romantic holidays in France is a long tail keyword phrase of the main keyword. Skiing holidays, sunny holidays, active holidays, camping holidays and so on are all long tail keywords of the main keyword.

Having a list of long tail keywords is just the start of any website design and knowing if they are profitable is the next most important step you need to take.

Having every single webpage based on a profitable long tail keyword will ensure that every webpage you build will have a fantastic chance of ranking in the top of all search engine result pages. A website containing 200 webpage’s that all rank high could generate huge amounts of traffic.

Then if you want to get more advanced you can base every webpage on two keyword phrases. This would be like having 400 webpage’s but only having to do the content for 200.

Using long tail keywords eliminates huge amounts of competition making it easy to rank high and knowing that they are being searched guarantees traffic as time is not spent writing content on something no one is looking for.

This is just one aspect of seo that can help anyone leave 90 million websites for dust as only 10% of websites that are live today are seo web designed.

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Michael Bunn has been building websites and doing SEO web design for 5 years now.
He is owner and builder of Seo Web Design Services