Studies show that men and women profit most with having self-confidence and by building up their psychological strength.

Self-confidence is the hallmark of great achievement for individuals from all walks of life and from all industries and many times spells the difference between success and failure.

Look around you'll easily identify people with a sincere self-confidence who impel and influence others with ease. You have witnessed people who were promoted to highly paid position while others with better training, are not.

Upon close study, you will observe that those who advance in life believe strongly in themselves and in their ability to succeed. They radiate pose and assurance and seem to have a constant access for wisdom and expanded vision. Others just naturally follow them, whereas, the person who lacks self-confidence, repels others, rather than attracts them.

Self-confidence is the faith in one's innate abilities and talents to overcome procrastination, fears, phobias, inhibitions and adversities for taking action. Lacking self-confidence affects every aspect of your life. You may have all the skills, training and mental abilities to become successful in your career, but, if you lack self-confidence your life will be like an eight cylinder motor vehicle running on one cylinder – struggling and sputtering to function well in all areas of your life.

Your losing a job, low sales results, having a loved one pass on, filing bankruptcy, having your car repossessed, being passed over for a position, fail an exam, being called fatty, stupid, ugly, and bad news from the doctor are just a few causes for programming a lack of self-confidence.

We come into this world with self-confidence. Look at any child's actions and reactions before they become filled with the fears, phobias, inhibitions of thoughts and adversities as adults.

Like an athlete who trains to exhaustion, every day, to prepare their bodies for having strong muscles and lungs -- must also discipline their minds for control, concentration and self-confidence. Also, just like elite athletes, in most sports, are equal in skill and physical prowess -- business people mirror each other in skills and talent leaving mental thoughts and feelings as the edge factor.

You can develop your edge factor of self-confidence and your ability to succeed through daily activities with "Mental Fitness" (call it mental gymnastics or mental workout to push beyond your own limits).

Being an elite athlete is not much different than being a pro-salesperson, manager, entrepreneur, actor, writer, musician, doctor or any other professional. Each has their own skills, education and physical abilities that are require handling the task at hand.

The biggest difference is that the elite athlete finds mental training indispensable – and not just for performing on game day but for getting the most out of their daily workouts.

Regardless of the profession you're in, developing self-confidence can be achieved through a daily routine of "Mental Fitness". A sales person can build up their physical and psychological strength for reaching the top of their game with the same "Mental Fitness" techniques athletes’ use.

Top performers in any profession and all industries face constant deadlines, communication challenges, fear of rejection, exhausting hours, work related stress, unexpected and uncontrollable conditions.

With a "Mental Fitness" program you condition your mind to respond in a more relaxed, confident and productive way. You can transform complex motor procedures into automatic movements and greater mind control. You can rebound from the physical and psychic stress of personal and work related task. You can develop the ability to shut out the pain of exhaustion and learn how to tolerate the intensity of your daily routine.

Self-confidence is the solution for achieving a balance in life and higher performance in your career with less stress and "Mental Fitness" is the vehicles to arrive at self-confidence.

Engaging in a "Mental Fitness" program requires a commitment and the desire to win in life. But just imagine changing your thinking to get anything you want and propel your life forward. There is no hocus-pocus involved in "Mental Fitness" and the ONLY tool you will need is your MIND. Sound too easy? Prepare to be amazed both by the power of your mind to shape who you can become, and by the power you have to guide it.

"Mental Fitness" is indispensable for living a life of joy, happiness and prosperity.

Here are 5 mind shaping (mental fitness) exercises you can do each and every day for having greater confidence and control with less stress in your life.

1. Write down in fine detail as to what you want to accomplish. Remember this statement when writing out your goal "When you stop arguing for lack and limitations you will experience greater success in your life."

2. Relax yourself by assuming a position either reclining or lying down with your legs uncrossed and your arms held loosely at your side.
Make sure that you will not be disturbed by turning off your radio, television, cell phones and removing any animals such as a dog or cat from the room. And remove your shoes or any apparel that will interfere with your physical comfort in any way.

Note: Relaxation doesn't mean taking a nap or falling asleep. It means becoming deliberately relaxed in mind and body, escaping momentarily from the cares of the day, to create the receptive state necessary for autosuggestion and reprogramming your subconscious mind.

3. Using your imagination, visualize, touch, hear, feel, and smell though your minds eye the desired outcome and new results you want to achieve. All things are first imagined in the unformed world before you can manifest its’ equivalence in the formed world.

4. Inwardly, silently and repeatedly use self talk that supports your imaging in your mind and act as if your have already accomplish your objective. Pretend that you are creating a motion picture of yourself and you are the director, actor, set dresser, script writer and costume designer.

5. Practice daily, just like an athlete, so that you can develop your edge factor of self-confidence and your ability to succeed

We live in a world that can and is being transformed through human imagination; a world of mind, where at first, all things are only a concept, idea or image in the mind of a person.

"Mental Fitness" is indispensable for living a life of joy, happiness and prosperity.

Author's Bio: 

Don L. Price, Los Angeles, CA – Coaching Minds To Succeed - Professional Speaker, Sales, Marketing & High Performance Mental Fitness Coach and Author of Secrets of Personal Marketing Power-Strategies for Achieving Greater Personal & Business Success.