Using multimedia for presentation design has become professional as more experiments are being done to improve them. Creating the macromedia flash presentation can be done very creatively. The process involves the use of web applications, graphics, animation and sound. These can be done without any programming and does not take more than a few minutes. There are professional streaming tools that can be used to create a ‘mini blockbuster’, if you please. There are three components for media-display, control and playback. The display can be handled with Mp3 format or FLV stream media. The runtime API allows URL specification. There is no other visual to it. MP3 audio can also be used.

There are different presentation designs authored by professional producers. A simple presentation design is with a video template that can help to locate the main content of the video in the form of chapters. It can be edited and also customized for local use. Any video shot by you can be uploaded and the template can be edited to match the theme. The company graphics can be added, credit titles can be given to the images also. If you wish to use the presentation design the desired software and files have to be loaded on the computer. Users who are familiar with flash programs will be able to understand how to use it. Alternatively online help is also available for beginners. E-learners can have access to various professionals to help them to use any of the software designs.

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