What does it mean to be mindful? Quite simply it means to observe and be aware and do it without judgment. When you close the door, rather than letting it slam, hold the doorknob until the door closes all the way. "What a challenge," or "What's the point?" you might say. Well it is a challenge because we are so multi-task oriented. Sure I can prepare a meal, empty the dishwasher and work on giving instruction for editing a flyer on the phone all at once. If you say that you do it all the time, I would venture to say your body feels it. There is tension mounting during all that activity, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

A few benefits of practicing mindfulness:

A - while stirring the pot you smell the aromas and thoughts of the love and joy you feel towards the recipients receiving the food.

B - being free from the tension, the body, mind and soul integrate and wholeness is experienced.

C - feelings are felt fully in the moment, in lieu of letting them slide to the bottom of the barrel, because you're too busy to feel them and there is just too much happening. Irritation is actually experienced, flowing through the body as energy and dissolving.

D - when a friend turns to you to be heard, you can be with her fully engaged and in doing offer a huge gift.

E - freeing yourself from judging in the moment is like giving yourself an Oscar, that sought-after symbol of accomplishment.
Something most of us do daily is drive. You can also be mindful while you're at the wheel. We recently became the proud owners of a Prius, Toyota's hybrid that has transformed my driving experience. Talk about mindfulness. It is advised to maintain a light foot on the gas pedal to achieve better gas mileage. This is an opportunity to practice mindfulness. In addition being aware of coasting more, which uses the battery, to conserve on gas. It has absolutely changed the way I drive my gas-powered automobile also. I've slowed down in general. Toyota has made an incredible machine. I do like what it does for me. So regardless, if you drive a hybrid or not, you can practice mindfulness by slowing down, staying off the phone, pay attention, turn off your radio or CDs, and simply be present.
The benefits are peace of mind, happy cells, a clear channel in which to allow love to flow, being the master of your mind, developing attention. Not bad. It takes some doing thorough. Yes, you have to learn the skills. But you're good at this. There is no mystery about it. Take a class, initiate a meditation routine, practice putting your attention on what you're doing, being in each instant. It is bound to set you into the mastery category and be the powerful example, which happens to be the best way to change others.

Affirmation: I embrace the opportunity to be fully present and attentive in each moment of time, practicing the skills of mindfulness. In doing so, I reside in the consciousness of peace, which ripples out to the universe.

Quote: Walking mindfully opens the eyes to beauty everywhere leading to a release of sorrow and worry so peace, joy and inner freedom may enter.

Author's Bio: 

Alexandra is President of ABC Feelings and The Attitude Doc.com, which are organizations she founded to encourage communication of feelings. In addition, she is a transpersonal psychologist in Sun Valley, ID and adjunct faculty at Boise State University. VicToria Freudiger, is an associate at ABC Feelings where she works in marketing, sales and management for Dr. Abrams. She is also founder and publisher for Entry Way Marketing and Publishing http://www.entrywaymarketing.com and resides in Texas. Author can be reached at 800.745.3170, ABC Feelings, Inc., http://www.abcfeelings.com Copyright August 2007.