Today there is a powerful spirituality movement.  When I say spirituality I am not speaking of religion; I am speaking of something different--a connection with the Divine.  This connection is what many mystics call “union with God.”  Sometimes this happens through a religious path, but not often.  When it does the person who achieves divine union usually finds herself on the outside looking in.
One time a minister in a somewhat interfaith organization told me that the spiritual ministers usually didn´t make it as successful ministers.  That statement and the truth of it says something in itself, I think.  Spirituality is not a good thing when it comes to maintaining buildings or systems, which are basically the little units of power that everyone needs in order to be able to function in a power-over society.  Spiritual people draw on another source of power that is shared by everyone and everything.
One can have a great career working within a religious institution trying to sneak in spirituality and ways to connect every once and a while to those who are interested , but one is not often oneself. One´s own spirit runs dry and this can lead to much despair, corruption of the soul, and even physical and psychosomatic illnesses that lead to death.  Worse than this, it can lead to a shift of thinking and a hardening of the heart that can lead to spiritual death.  It is important to understand the difference between religion and spirituality.  If  one is religious and becomes spiritual, he will quickly be given a lesson that demonstrates the difference.
If this New Year you would like to attend to your spiritual needs and be free of the chains that so easy beset many of us in this material power over society, it is important for you to begin a spiritual, not religious journey.  It is important to seek and find what suits you best to enhance your spiritual life.  This only comes from having and open mind and being around a supportive group of people who are spiritual.  If you are around a lot of people who are as bad off as you are socially or spiritually I doubt they will be helpful. As a New Year resolution you may need to spend some time away from such people in order to save your eternal soul.
I am not talking about joining some strange cult, or fasting until you can´t walk, or drinking poison Kool-aid, I am talking about using well proven techniques to find the God within, to commune with that God within, and to ultimately connect with and merge with that God.  This merger comes as a result of letting go of the false ideas of self and realizing who we really are.  It is easy to do this in the head, but practices like meditation and contemplation help us realize it in our hearts and make it a reality.  If you want to make a New Year resolution why not go all the way.  Go for enlightenment and spiritual freedom not only in this life, but for all eternity.
It is written that you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.  Where shall we find this truth?  We, like the one who made the statement, are the truth, the way,and the light.  When we transcend the ego and realize this, entering deep within and allowing our divine, wise self to reawaken, we will be free and free indeed.  The beginning step is to seek.  Repeating actions the same way only brings about the same results.  It is time, if you would like to live, to die to the old things and take a journey into the new Kingdom of Heaven that resides within.  If we cannot find love, light, hope, God and the Kingdom ruled by love within us, we shall never find it.

Author's Bio: 

Om Prakash John Gilmore is a spiritual director and healer. He teaches Tai-Chi, Chi-Kung and martial arts. Om Prakash has written many books on how to free the human soul and is the founder of the DSWellness Cyber School and the Universal Cyber Circle of Creation Spirituality. From his website there is a link to the school and Cyber Circe where you will find free courses and a religious service based on mysticism and spiritual principles. You will also find a free Journal of Practical Spirituality and the descriptions and previews of some of his books for freeing the human soul and reclaiming your own identity.