In a world so full of “me first” attitudes, it is no wonder we see so much turmoil and dysfunction in the world around us. The financial fiasco being played out on the national stage is evidence that something is seriously wrong. Day after day, words of disaster come at us from all directions; words that instill fear, panic and negativity. News of foreclosures, more bank failures, bail outs totaling billions of dollars…it is no wonder the confidence level of people in our country is the lowest it has been in 28 years. That has to change and it can if we commit ourselves to changing what “we think about” and “what we say” to ourselves and others!

Anybody living in Atlanta in the month since Gustav hit the gulf coast has seen evidence of what happens when people get themselves into a place of panic and fear. Gasoline was in short supply here and the result was closed stations and long lines at the pumps of those stations that had gas. We also began to see evidence of what happens to people’s behavior in times of stress. People trying to cut in line, fist fights and angry words at the pump, and a general attitude of I’m going to get mine first.

In Corporate America, we see people suffering from a severe affliction that I like to call the “corporate coma”. People aren’t walking through their work lives with joy and ease or a sense that they are valued for who they are and what they contribute. Instead, a type of malaise has settled over employees in companies everywhere. Today’s economic fears and negativity, encouraged all too frequently by the media, only adds the proliferation of “what’s the use” attitudes. The result is an apathetic, largely checked out workforce who up to go through the motions in order to take home the paycheck.

Those of us working outside those corporate halls are not immune to feeling invisible, unappreciated for our gifts and talents, or feeling just plain beaten down by the constant demands of business and life. The constant barrage of negative information coming at us can erode our confidence, if we let it.

Big change is sorely needed in our world and it starts with each one of us. What’s happening nationally doesn’t have to be our world locally. We have all heard it said that we are what we think about. I’d like to take that a step further and say that we are also what we “talk about”. What we say – the words we use – largely determines our success or failure.

What are you saying right now? Are you complaining about what you don’t have or what you do have? Are you blaming the economy or others for what’s not working in your life right now? If you are that’s an attitude that will get you nowhere and it never will. James Arthur Ray in his book Harmonic Wealth says, “Energy flows where attention goes”. Whether you realize it or not, our words are powerful, energetic forces that have the power to harm or heal. They can either empower or disappoint. They can lift up or drag down. Choose your words carefully. Ask yourself if they help you or harm you. Banish words that keep you and others rooted in mediocrity. Commit to yourself that you will not be one of those people who use “the economy” as an excuse for not accomplishing your goals. Have a positive mental attitude, plan what you want to accomplish, develop your skills, use positive words and stay focused on the action you need to take to achieve the success you desire.

Finally, remember to maintain an “attitude of gratitude”. If you find yourself sinking into feelings of fear and worry, I encourage you to stop for a minute to take stock of all the gifts you have in your life right now, because I’m betting there are plenty of them if you just take a minute to look around. Create a gratitude list and refer to it often. Remaining grateful for what we have is a sure fire way to keep us on a positive track. And remember to say “thank you” to others around you for a job well done, a business connection made or a helping hand offered.

A positive mental attitude backed up by positive and inspiring language is one of the single biggest determinants of success. So shut out the noise. Ignore the negativity. Stay focused on your goals, speak positively to yourself and others and watch your success soar!

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Talent Builders CEO and Chief Talent Officer Barbara Giamanco capped a corporate sales career at Microsoft, where she led and trained sales teams and coached executives, before establishing Talent Builders, Inc. in 2002. Since establishing Talent Builders, Barb has worked with organizations to build high performing executive teams, develop leadership bench strength, improve communication, increase sales, hire the right people the first time, decrease turnover and improve employee retention. She is also the co-founder of the Women’s Mentor Network. For more information call 404-459-4030 or visit: