September 11th Eclipse Channeling
I received a very interesting set of messages on September 11th during the solar eclipse. When I went out to see what was in the atmosphere, actually expecting to have some god-awful kind of 9-11 related image of World War 3, I discovered instead that the air was alive with creative energy, it was sparkly and magical. I took it as an omen of what our environment could be like in the future, perhaps due to with the creative grass-roots projects and networking and internet connecting going on.

Here’s what I got then, which I’m going to lift from a letter I wrote to a friend of mine—for some reason I couldn’t recall the whole download of spiritual instructions until I tried writing it in a letter:

"To my real surprise, the most marvelous energy was dancing around in the air! It was full of promise, it portended an amazingly creative and connected world to be said, 'there's a way to be soaring right now: it's to get aligned with what's important to you and to be doing it, as this is a tremendous time to be creative and giving and expressing of yourself.'"

Then it gave me these pointers about how to stay aligned and on a high with this consciousness that in its energetic imprint, somehow facilitated the opening of one's heart. It was something to expand out into, to open up into. It was the collective consciousness of the future, likely, and one I used to see and write about it the '80's and '90's when I could feel a very groovy time to be alive up ahead. This is the first time I've sensed it in years.

So, here's what I got as processes to help one stay aligned with what's when I read it, it sounds so simplistic, but receiving it was very profound. It triggered a big healing in me, about a past life.

The first way to keep moving on a positive path was to practice being grateful, because it literally moved healing energy through your being and out into the world. It was a blessing for everything to feel thankful, grateful, and it moved healing energy through your body. It's where you’re feeling that you’re glad you have the family you do, or live where you live, whatever it may be—and that warm gush of real gratefulness and positive energy moves energy in a healing way through your body and out into the world like a blessing.

The next suggestion to free yourself to be in a creative space now, and not get dragged down by environmental conditions, was also about "energy moving". It was, in response to whatever people act out, to let other peoples' behavior go and just figure how to go around it. To let things go, to not hold on to what's done by others. To not try to stop people from doing what they're doing, but to manuever yourself.

What was presented next wasn’t a suggestion, it was a warning, that “regret” was a hard habit to kick and a real enemy to connecting with the wave of creative energy; regret was sneaky and could consume a lot of time. All regret did was energize what was wrong. The bottom line is, we’re here to grow, not succeed.

The last suggestion was also about how to keep energy flowing in your life, and it was to accept everything about one's own self, whatever had happened that was on the way to where they’re standing now.

These are all things I'm getting as relevant to practice now, for the development of some creative possibility that may be building to a much more concrete manifestation, in the same time frame as the destruction of 'what's standing" now goes on, which I get as five years. While we witness a lot of things falling apart, there will be this other movement based on ideals of connecting, and the energy that nurtures such a network of creative energy is with us now."

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