Using EFT to build emotional strength in overwhelming circumstances

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Sometimes life gives us a major dose of "The Overwhelms" where unexpected events seem beyond our ability to handle. Aileen Nobles was handed such a challenge recently when her husband had a major stroke.

Gary, I want to share with you how instrumental EFT has been for me throughout the most challenging year of my life.

It started last Jan with my husband having a detached retina. A couple of weeks later he suffered a massive stroke. As I sat in ICU looking at my husband of 36 years with tubes coming out of his head, his throat, his chest and many other places, I knew I needed to calm my terror.

As a practitioner helping others for many years using EFT, TFT, Goodman, and subconscious reprogramming, I now had the perfect opportunity to use these energy techniques on myself. I needed it !!!

I sat by his bed and used EFT on myself for terror...terror of how to cope without him. How to survive financially. How to find out who I was without my rock of Gibraltar.

I started tapping on...

"Even though I'm terrified of losing my husband, its OK, I can love and accept myself anyway."

"Of course i'm terrified of losing him we've been together for 36 years and now he's dying...but its Ok to feel this way I can love and accept myself anyway."

"Even though i'm terrified I'd much rather feel strong, but if I cant feel that way yet its OK."

"My terror isn't gong to help my husband or me so i'm now choosing to let it go as I become stronger and stronger."

I did another round on "Letting go of terror."

I then tapped around my ears to reprogram getting stronger and calmer. I felt my terror begin to subside. Nothing felt real

I then tapped on...

"Even though I feel this is not really happening, its OK to feel this way and I love and accept myself anyway"

"Even though I expect I will wake up from this night mare if I don't its OK, I still completely accept myself."

I tapped on everything that surfaced, and as the intensity of the fear and sadness subsided, I gradually changed the words to "Even though I know this is happening in divine order I dont' like it!!" I finally end with "I know this is my sacred contract (even though I may have forgotten that I signed up for it) and I choose to use this situation to grow and move into a higher more loving space as I get stronger and stronger. [GC COMMENT: Notice how the change in language reflects a cognitive shift. This is a VERY important feature of EFT] The change in emotion is amazing. Being able to understand that nothing is by accident and all is in divine order also allows me to not get caught in the smaller picture.

Nobody around me can understand how I am able to be so strong. My sadness and depression only last for minutes at a time. When I feel overwhelmed with the responsibility of taking care of my husband 24/7 I tap on...

"Even though I am completely overwhelmed by this responsibility its OK, of course I feel overwhelmed."

"Completely overwhelmed, trapped, sad, lonely."

I then do a round of tapping on...

"Even though I feel trapped, overwhelmed, sad and alone feeling this way isn't going to help the situation. It isn't healing my husband or making me feel good, I choose to feel strong, patient and happy."

I do tap whenever I feel the need and sometimes that is a few times a day. Before this happened I had worked quite a lot with clients and grief. I now know first hand how incredibly effective EFT is.

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BIOGRAPHY-Aileen Nobles

Aileen has been in practice as an emotional healer and intuitive for the past 30 years. Her clientele is extensive, including celebrities and political figures.
Aileen is the author of "Get Off The Karmic Wheel", "Divine Abundance." & her latest book“ The Power to Change Now”… “The Magic of EFT is in Your Hands”

Aileen appeared as the "Psychic to the Stars," on Leeza Gibbon's Top 25 Countdown Show, a syndicated music radio show. She was featured on a special segment for The Learning Channel's "All About Angels." Aileen wowed the audience with her predictions on NBC's "The Other Side." consulted for CBS's "Angels Among Us" and was a special guest on the show "Leeza", she was also interviewed by CBS to talk about her book “Divine Abundance.”

Aileen hosts her own cable television show & gives frequent workshops privately, and for the Learning Annex in California. She consults with clients around the world, and continues to be a popular radio and television guest on shows across the nation. You can view her television shows on YouTube.

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