Tough Times Never Last But Tough People Do © 2009

Overcoming Obstacles, Adversities And Discouragement

(Book Excerpt From “The Science Of Success Achievement Course)

By Rick Gettle

How Would You Like To See A Permanent End To All Of Your Problems? We All Have Problems – And Our Problems Only End - When We Do.

The Only People Without Problems Are In The Cemetery.
I’d Like To Stick Around – Problems And All. How About You?

No Matter What Problems You Have To Face Today, There Is A Solution, Because You Have Nothing To Deal With But Your Own Thoughts. As Long As You Think That Your Destiny Is In The Hands Of Other People, The Situation Is Hopeless. You Will Need To Confront Your Problems With Courage, Boldness And Action.

There’s An Old Chinese Saying That Goes, “If You Live With A Problem Long Enough, It Could Eventually Become A Blessing.”
Within Every Adversity In Life, There Is Always A Seed Of An Equivalent Or Greater Benefit. (Napoleon Hill)
We Have To Look For It - Find It - And Act On It.

Here Are A Few Equivalent Benefits Available To Us - If We Take Advantage Of Them And Act On Them During The Current Economic Situation And Crises Around The World.

1 – People Will Stop Spending Money They Don’t Have And Start Saving Their Money Instead -- A Wise Russian Once Said That, “Americans Are People Who Spend Money They Don’t Have - Buying Things They Don’t Need - To Impress People They Don’t Like.”

2 – Stop Paying High Interest Fees And Pay Cash Instead When You Buy The Things You Need.

3 – Stop Following Your Leaders Blindly And Start Monitoring Everything They Spend Our Tax Money For - And Vote Them Out Of Office When They Don’t Follow Your Wishes Of Honesty, Transparency And Integrity. When They Waste Your Money That Is The Same As Stealing It, And They Should Be Thrown Out Of Office And In Some Cases Thrown In Jail.

4 – Get Involved In Helping Your Government Work For The People Instead Of For Their Own Interest And Benefit.

We Learn Courage - When We Face Danger. We Learn Patience - When We Endure Suffering. We Learn Tenderness - When We Taste Pain. We Learn To Prize True Friends – When False Ones Forsake Us. We Treasure Health - When Illness Strikes. We Learn To Prize Freedom -When We Are In Danger Of Losing It. Without Trouble We Would Be Like Plants That Have Sprouted, Grown, And Been Nurtured In The Overprotected Shelter Of A Hothouse -- Too Tender Ever To Live In The Open.

How Can You Possibly Become A Strong Person, If You Have An Easy Life? The Tougher It Is, The Tougher You Have A Chance To Become – If You Choose To Fight Back. Tough Times Never Last – But Tough People Do.

When You See A Highly Decorated Military Person All Dressed Up With Rows Of Battle Ribbons And Awards On Their Chest, You Are Looking At Someone Who Courageously Faced And Conquered Danger, Hardships, Adversities, Problems, Life-Threatening Situations, Torture, Injury, And Heartbreak, Watching Their Buddies Die Terrible Deaths. These People Had Fortitude - The Ability To Endure And Last. They Wouldn’t Quit, Give Up Or Run Away. Yes There Were Times, I’m Sure They Knew, When They Bit Off More Than They Could Chew, But Through It All When There Was Doubt – They Ate It Up – And Spit It Out – The Records Show – They Took The Blows – And Did It Their Way.

We Don’t Just Get The Sweet Out Of Life Without The Bitter - We’d Like To, But We Don’t. The Sun Doesn’t Always Shine; Sometimes There Are Storms, Tornadoes, Earthquakes, Car Accidents, Fires And Death. No One Escapes The Problems Of Life. If It Doesn’t Happen Sooner In Life, It Will Happen Later.

We Can Overcome Just About Any Problem, Obstacle, Or Adversity That Life Deals Us – If We Have A Strong Enough Will. Where There Is A Will, There Is A Way. Create A “Bull-Dog” Determination And A “Burning Desire,” That Will Eventually Mow Down All Opposition.

Success Is Not Measured By What A Person Accomplishes, But By The Opposition They Have Encountered, And By The Courage With Which They Have Maintained The Struggle Against Overwhelming Odds.

Don’t Pray For An Easy Life, Without Problems – Pray To Become A Strong Person. The Higher You Go In Life, The More Problems You Will Have To Deal With.

The End

Rick Gettle:
Success Achievement Consultant/Publisher/Author/Speaker/Trainer -
“The Science Of Success Achievement Course” #1 out of 4,000,000
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Author's Bio: 

Rick Gettle

Rick Gettle is among the top motivational speakers and dedicates his life to motivating individuals, organizations and corporations.

He has tremendously improved and increased the performance, productivity, and spirit of individuals and companies, large and small, including: Pac Bell, New York Life Insurance, Shearson Lehman, Dean Witter, Prudential, Farmers Insurance, Coldwell Banker, Grubb & Ellis and Century 21 Realty.

He also represented Nightingale/Conant Corp (Earl Nightingale’s Company), The Napoleon Hill Academy and Success Unlimited magazine.

Rick has the ability to make a huge corporate symposium feel intimate and a small classroom change the world. Interestingly, Mr. Gettle has not only taught his course to top executives, but has taught cons, ex-cons, pimps, prostitutes, and drug and alcohol addicts at the San Quentin Prison and at the Delancy Street Foundation. He is a true leader, innovator and motivational consultant.

As founder of the Success Achievement workshops and the Master Mind Alliance Success Club, Rick dedicates himself to helping his students follow through and put the principles into practice. Rick’s workshops, courses, articles, and books stimulate positive action in people who are ready to turn their dreams into realities. He brings forth the needed motivation, ideas, plans and success formula that have been responsible for a vast number of individuals defining and achieving their goals.

Rick’s motivational teachings derive from Napoleon Hill’s paramount accumulation of works including: Law of Success, Think and Grow Rich, The Master Key to Riches, Grow Rich With Peace of Mind, Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude, You Can Work Your Own Miracles and Succeed and Grow Rich Through Persuasion.


True story about Mr. John Haid, president of Napoleon Hill Academy, 1974

Mr. John Haid, president of Napoleon Hill Academy in 1974, was ecstatic to hear about Rick Gettle’s classes and flew to San Francisco to meet Mr. Gettle in person. John wanted to establish a Napoleon Hill Academy Franchise in Northern California and decided Rick Gettle was the most knowledgeable on Napoleon Hill’s Success principles and handed over the franchise. Rick is still sharing these principles in his “Science of Success Achievement Course” his students are studying today.