I’ve had several clients with cluttered and disorganized environments say to me in resignation, “I don’t know what happened. I used to be so organized and then six years ago, I started not being able to keep up.” Upon further conversation, it turns out that six years ago they lost a parent, got a divorce, changed jobs, had children turn into teens – in other words, experienced a significant loss or change in their lives.

It’s not at all surprising that life’s traumas turn into disorganized homes. When our minds are filled with emotions and anxiety, we just don’t have the time or energy to deal with what’s going on outside of our heads. In Feng Shui (the ancient Chinese art of placement and energy flow), it’s well-recognized that our homes accurately reflect our inner lives.

It can be something obvious: a widow who can’t get rid of her late husband’s clothes.

Or something subtle: a kitchen that slowly becomes such a mess that one can’t cook there anymore (divorced husband had a wife who was a gourmet cook).
Or something unresolved: a forcibly retired teacher can’t let go of years of lesson plans.

Whatever happened during that time has created a stuck place in your mind – and items associated with that time are stuck in your house as well.

It’s not very effective to start organizing your environment until you are truly ready to let go of the past – clutter will slowly reappear as a type of emotional insulation. But if you’re feeling that “enough is enough”, clearing your clutter and organizing your space can have a marvelous impact on your energy levels and state of mind.

Sample comments:

“I feel like a giant weight has lifted off my shoulders!”
“My head is clear for the first time in years.”
“I can breathe easier now. I didn’t realize how much this stuff depressed me.”

Look around your house and take an inventory – how much of your past is taking up your present space? Do you feel stuck and running on empty? It just might be time to take a deep breath and let go – you may find that you feel energetic and full of optimism!

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