The recent recession has been tough for service businesses, but some savvy health and wellness companies have found a creative and cost-effective way to attract new clients: online video ads from Jivox. Jivox, the online video advertising service that helps local businesses reach customers online, is being used by many health and wellness companies to create high-impact online video ad campaigns that build awareness for their services and bring new clients in the door.

Businesses such as Vitality Chiropractic Center, massage therapy studio Osetra Wellness, and fast-growing biotech firm diaDexus are joining satisfied advertisers nationwide that have already achieved marketing success with Jivox video advertising. Jivox offers free ad creation and an extensive network of local TV and radio stations, newspapers, weather and other specialty websites, allowing smaller and local advertisers to create, target, deliver and measure online video ad campaigns.

Vitality Chiropractic Center:
"We've tried everything from advertising in local newspapers, to paying for enhanced listings on local directory services like Yelp, to buying keywords on Google Adwords; but until we started using Jivox, we hadn't had much success reaching new patients with local advertising," said Dr. Lisa Walsh, director of Vitality Chiropractic Center in San Mateo, California. "With Jivox, we created and launched an online video campaign for under $300 - and I immediately started getting in-bound calls and quickly signed up several new patients as a result of the ad."

Vitality used Jivox to create different versions of its video ad campaign targeted at specific segments, such as people who'd injured their backs or people new to chiropractic. Using Jivox's easy-to-use online video creation tools, Vitality also added clickable coupons and various stock footage, images, and music to each ad. Jivox also allowed Vitality to measure the effectiveness of each campaign by tracking views, clicks, coupon downloads, site visits, and calls to its offices. What's more, with the Jivox "Video Engagement Score," Vitality was able to see a quantitative value of its ads relative to the performance of all the ads in the Jivox Publisher Network.

"Unlike the 'black hole' of most local ad spending, with Jivox, I am able to track each click, coupon download, and phone call that comes from the campaign using Jivox's measurement system, so I know which version of my ads are the most effective," added Dr. Walsh.

Osetra Wellness:
Osetra Wellness is a full-service massage therapy studio in San Mateo run by licensed practitioner Sophia Barnes. After moving to a new studio location in October 2008, Osetra wanted to attract new customers to try out its full range of innovative massage therapy services. Osetra, which first tried print ads but did not receive one single new referral from them, turned to Jivox to create an online video ad offering a special promotion for new clients.

"I'm a total rookie when it comes to online video, but I was able to very simply make a series of ads, changing the content, promotions, and calls-to-action on the fly - and the success of our Jivox video campaigns has been even better than we expected," said Kay Harris, a graphic designer and marketing consultant who created Osetra's Jivox ad campaigns. "In the first month the campaign ran, it received nearly 12,000 views, 65 clicks, and 23 coupons were downloaded. We've already received one confirmed booking directly from the ad and expect to get more soon."

diaDexus is a biotech firm located in South San Francisco that has developed the PLAC® Test, the only blood test cleared by the FDA to aid in assessing risk for both coronary heart disease and ischemic stroke associated with atherosclerosis. The company wanted to spread the word about the PLAC Test to physicians and consumers in select markets, but had never tried online marketing. The company turned to Jivox to launch two online video campaigns to raise awareness of its flagship product in its target markets.

"Jivox helped diaDexus raise awareness of the PLAC Test on the web. The Jivox creative team helped us create two separate video ads that clearly showed the value of our product in a concise way - one aimed at doctors and one aimed at patients," said Sarah Schiltz, Director of Marketing and Sales at diaDexus. "The campaigns were extremely successful; we put a call-to-action to visit our site in the ad, and our site traffic surged during the campaign."

"The health and wellness industry has been impacted by the recent recession as consumers and businesses hesitate before spending on services, but smart businesses in the sector are turning to effective video advertising solutions to build their clientele even in this downturn," said Diaz Nesamoney, CEO of Jivox. "For just a few hundred dollars a month, businesses can be up and running with video advertising - attracting new clients and building their brand reputation via engaging video content."

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