Thinking about buying a Treadmill? Here are 4 questions to ask BEFORE you buy to make sure you get the most out of your treadmill purchase:

Question #1: What will you use your treadmill for?

Will you be using your treadmill for walking or running? If you're planning on running on your treadmill, you'll probably want one that's high on stability and cushioning. According to a treadmill review done by Runner's World, stability is the most important quality of a good treadmill.

You'll probably also want a treadmill with a higher powered motor (2-3 HP continuous duty), a strong frame and a larger walking belt area.

If you're planning to walk only on your treadmill or use it for shorter workouts, you can choose a one that's just as stable but a little lower in price.

If you plan to use the treadmill to travel uphill you'll want one with an incline (normal inclines are approximately 10%).

If you want to use it to burn calories and lose weight you might want one with a heart rate monitor or a calories burned display or some preset programs.

Question #2 Who will use the treadmill?

Are you the only one that will be using your treadmill? If so, then you can easily answer question #1 (What will you use your treadmill for?). But if there are other people in your household who'll want to use the treadmill, you'll have to consider question #1 in light of everyone's use of it.

For example, you might use it for casual walking and short distances but perhaps your spouse will use it to train for a 21k run! That will definitely change your needs!

And while we certainly don't want to offend, you might be light but perhaps another person using the treadmill is on the heavier side. Check that the treadmill can handle the person with the heavier weight, especially if that person plans on running!

It's always better to go with a sturdier, more powerful model if you're not sure. It's certainly easier than having to deal with a pricey treadmill repair after the first year because of too much (or too heavy) use!

Question #3: When & How Much will You Use Your Treadmill?

All jokes about clothes racks aside, chances are if you take the time to compare, review and shop for your treadmill, you'll use it.

But how MUCH are you planning to use it? Will you use it in the winter months only as an indoor workout method? Are you planning to use it 3-5 x a week all year round? How long will your average workouts be?

There are some treadmills that don't advise you using it for more than an hour at time. There are others like those designed for gym or commercial use that stand up better when used for more than hour-long workouts.

Knowing the answers to these questions can also help you determine if you should buy a treadmill with a lifetime or 5 yr warranty. There are also different types of warranties you'll want to check out (for example: 5 yr motor warranty, 2 yr parts warranty, etc)

Question #4: Which special treadmill features do you need?

This is where buying a treadmill gets really fun! What kind of special features do you need (or want) with your treadmill?

There are tons of options here. If you're the kind of person that gets bored easily you might want to buy a treadmill with lots of built in training programs or one with a magazine rack so you can read.

Do you want one that's foldable so that you can easily open up the space in the room?

What about one with a reading rack or a space for your water bottle? Do you want one with a heart-rate monitor?

And what about what you get WITH your treadmill purchase? For example, some online treadmill manufacturers give you a free treadmill mat or free shipping with their home treadmills!

No matter what treadmill you choose to buy, make sure YOU'LL have fun with it! Isn't that what getting in shape is all about? Good luck and may your treadmill be all that you want it to be!

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