I once sought perfection in my body; now I seek health and comfort in almost 50-year-old skin; doing my best to age gracefully, and if there are 10 extra pounds and laugh lines, so be it.

I once sought perfection in parenting by devouring “how-to” books, until I learned to toss them aside;
now I parent from my heart.

I once sought perfection in a perfectly organized house;
now precious time is for simple pleasures in my “home sanctuary,” whether the bed is made or not.

I once sought perfection in spirituality;
now I chat with God in a less formal, more natural way.

I once sought perfection in meeting everyone’s expectations;
now I aim to please myself, and should I please another in the process, I consider it a bonus.

I once sought perfection in my marriage;
now I seek peace, acceptance and tolerance as a way of quiet daily living and love.

I once sought perfection in reaching my dreams;
now I understand the number of dreams exceeds time, and so I reach for one goal at a time,
and whatever I grasp is enough.

I once sought perfection in trying to solve everyone’s dilemmas;
now I understand they must find their way, and should they call me, I’ll answer.

I once sought perfection as a friend;
now I seek to be a friend to myself.

Call it selfish, or is it settling for imperfection? I call it turning the years to age 50. Ours is not a perfect life; therefore, I grant myself permission to remove all pressure to seek perfection any longer. How can I expect perfection of myself when no such thing exists?

“If the world were perfect, how would we know?” (Yogi Berra).

Author's Bio: 

Baltimorean Suzanne Molino Singleton is a freelance columnist on smartwomanonline.com, examiner.com, and writes the weekly inspirational e-column SNIPPETS on SNIPPETSinspiration.com. When not writing (which isn't much) she plays house with sports celeb Ken Singleton, a NY Yankees broadcaster, and their dependents.