I have decided to start a "Noticing Abundance" journal. I took a regular 99 cent lined notebook and covered it with some beautiful flowered card stock and named it my "Noticing Abundance Journal". I decided to do this because lately I have been aware that more and more delicious things are happening and I want to focus on only those things.

Remember, what we focus on expands, so acknowledging these positive events, and actually writing them down, can only create more desirable circumstances to appear in our lives. It is the way the Universe and the law of attraction works.

This kind of journal is different from a gratitude journal. A gratitude journal, also a great thing to do, is about writing down those things in our lives that we are grateful for, which is usually a lot. A "Noticing Abundance Journal" is more about "paying attention" to what is showing up in our lives as a direct result of what we have been asking for. The difference between the two is very subtle but important and it is the thing that most people miss or just take for granted.

Very often we feel that our prayers have not been answered, however they always are. Perhaps you are missing the subtle clues, messages, intuitive guidance that have been there all along. Perhaps if you had not been focused so much on what wasn't there, you would have been able to see what was.

I was thinking about this very concept today in regard to something I had asked for in January. I went over in my mind, the events of the last few weeks and came up with 3 different situations in my life in which I was guided to do something. The same message / suggestion came to me from 3 different people, yet I dismissed it, because I was too busy to follow through, or so I thought. Besides, it really had nothing to do with what I was asking for, or did it? I was wrong! It turned out after exploring this suggestion further, that it was the solution and quick fix to a problem I had been having, which kept me from moving forward in those particular areas. So today, I took care of that situation and I am very happy that I did.

Writing daily in this kind of journal helps us to train our mind to become aware of what may have otherwise gone unnoticed. I thought I would share this idea with all of you, just in case you might like to do the same.

As an example, here are a few items that I have included in my "Noticing Abundance Journal" for today:
- One of my inspirational pieces was featured on a national, live, radio station.
- I was given some valuable information about how to easily increase my email lists.
- New distribution sources appeared for my holistic, inspirational magazine.

I am noticing that this is all about expansion and growth, things I have been asking for and working on diligently.

It makes me feel good, just to write these things down and then ask for - more of that!
I offer this as a reminder to some of you on this list, to focus more on what you want, then pay attention and notice how the Universe is indeed answering.

Remember, notice abundance and abundance abounds!

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