What's new? Nothing? How wonderful! I am so pleased to announce, that blissfully, wonderfully, nothing is new! I have nothing to report. Everything is status quo. PHEW!

I recently came out of a 6 month whirlwind. It began with the first of 3 infestations of lice, in October. I won't bore you with the details. Let's just say; those little buggers have grown immune to the charms of the "over the counter" remedies. We now need professional- strength lice combers, creamers, washers and pickers. We got rid of it three times in four months and I am now an expert in a field for which I have a complete aversion.

We also traveled to the east coast twice, went camping (may not sound like much, but we are not campers by nature,) coached my private clients and taught coaching classes, hosted friends and family, volunteered at the kids schools, enjoyed the busy holidays, kept a house running, maintained the health and sanity of three children, and so much more.

I started to see the end of the whirlwind in March with the completion of the elementary school talent show, (one of our favorite and most time-consuming volunteer efforts), a 1,200 mile road trip for spring break, a blow-out bowling party for my youngest and the adoption of a dog. Stop my calendar, I want to get out!

As April grew closer, I began to take control of my future nothingness. Instead of busily filling in the spaces of my calendar, I protected those small blank spots, and now I am reaping the benefits.

Don't get me wrong; I am still busy. But, I am not crazed. Big difference! I took the kids to the beach after school yesterday and am going to lunch with a friend today. Typically, these kinds of activities happen every couple of months, if I'm lucky! So my spring wish for you is "nothing new" too!


1. Take a look at your calendar for next month. Block out times during each week, where you commit to schedule nothing.

2. Practice saying no to invitations and pleas for participation from well-meaning freinds, family and neighbors who are just as busy as you and want company in their busy-ness.

3. Block out a family weekend day during the next month. Don't make any plans. Just wake up that morning and see where the day takes you.

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Jamee Tenzer, Certified Life Coach and Founder of Life Works Coaching, publishes "Coach Me Quick!" for busy women and working moms. If you are interested in setting up a complimentary coaching session, please contact Jamee at tenzer@lifeworks4ucoaching.com or visit www.lifeworks4ucoaching.com.